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Thread: 2008 Rumor List

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    2008 Rumor List

    GH is at it again with their predictions. I'd never even heard of a few of those characters, but several of them would be sweet. I seriously doubt they'd be doing three rebel pilots in one year, and there's an overly heavy focus on Tatooine, so I doubt this list is 100% correct (especially since there have been several mistakes in years past).

    I hope we at least get the Funeral Pyre Vader, though.
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    To me it seems to be just another wet dream.

    Alot of those names are from the SWCCG from back in the day.
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  3. #3 IS a guess list.

    I will be surprised to get a Yarna...ever, let alone as soon as next year. But I will be happy for the Yarna camp in solidarity despite my own gut-wrenching revulsion at the meer thought of all of that cellulite and those flesh folds getting immortalized in plastic.
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    I heard we are getting Yarna, Willrow Hood, Pellas Scrambled, Charred Owen and Beru, and Biggs re-released with his cape this time (like they should have done the first time).

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    Believe it when I see em in stores.

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    ooh yes and don't forget the george lucas in 1975 plaid and flannels exclusive. or the 75 feet long star destroyer playset. or real live sarlacc that hasbro has been secretly growing in their rhode island laboratories......

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    If the list is accurate, it would be the start of a dream-come-true year.

    Which is why I don't believe we'll get more than a couple of them at most.
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    I'd only be interested in Tiree, Hobbie, Arvel Crynyd, and Sgt. Doallyn in figures, but the rumored battlepacks with a new Imp speederbike sound awesome, and I'm up for any clones they make.
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    too early to say since we still have some figures that have yet to be shown out of the 60 new ones for 2007. We already know that the Force Unleashed series was pushed back to 2008 and some of the figures mentioned like Funeral Vader and Yarna remind me of the cruel April Fool's joke by Hasbro last year.
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    Its a cool list, but its unlike Hasbro to make that many new aliens in one year.

    That is a lot of carded rebel pilots. A rebel pilot battlepack similar to the Death Star Briefing set would make more sense. They could use existing X-wing pilot's bodies and give them new heads. Isn't there an A-wing pilot on this year's rumor list, already?

    The Tattoine creature pack sounds far fetched, but an Imperial Biker Scout back would be cool.

    A new Tusken Raider is needed. I still think the POTJ version is the best, but it has limited articulation.
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