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    If You Get a Job at Circuit City, Don't Get Used to It!

    Anyone who has worked in retail establishments, especially chains, is familiar with the indifference with which such establishments regard their employees. This article from the Washington Post shows that Circuit City has taken this to a new level. Long-term employees are just too pricy to be kept around, especially when you can fire them and bring in cheaper new-hires! The big question now is why anyone but the most uniformed would take a job with this company knowing full well that the longer you stay the less they need you.

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    I read this article last week, and frankly, it digusts me. I'll never buy anything else from that infernal chain. The people they are getting rid of are the ones who could actually answer my questions. I'm a science geek. I don't have time to keep up with everything that's new in electronics. That's what their employees are for, for heavens's sake. It looks like it's Best buy or nothing now, unfortunately.

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    $11.59 is overpaid?

    Yeesh. I love how we keep hearing in the news that unemployment is down, but then the average wage keeps plummetting and no one wants to report that.

    Of course, they base unemployment figures only on first-time unemployment claims, so that's f'ed up to begin with.

    Sad thing is, Circuit City will lose the edge it had over Best Buy now, as all their employees will now be as dumb as the humanoid rocks that work at BB.
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    I stopped going to Circuit City years ago after they proved themselves to be highly incapable of accomplishing even the simplest of tasks. What really pushed me over the edge was when I left my truck to have speakers put in. I was given an estimate on how long it would take, phoned back to be told that it was ready, then showed up to find my doors still ripped apart and not one speaker installed. The loser gang-like bozos working there had the social skills of Jello. I made them put my car back together and I left without the speakers.

    That's the kind of customer service you get when a company places a priority on hiring unskilled, unmotivated, and underpaid morons. I'm sure CC will fold soon enough.

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    The "race for the bottom" is all good until you get to the actual bottom- paying less for folks who are worth less (not "worthless" btw) will work to a point, but once you can't afford to hire a person with basic competence, it's kinda all over

    PS sorry if this is the comment that gets this sent to the 'pit but I have a feeling that the thread can't progress much further without going in that direction

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    I imagine Wal-Mart will follow this same *#@&ing line of stupidity. I see them hire new idiots all the time. And it's not always that the employees are at fault, sometimes it is the lack of good training skills for the posistion. I, for example, was put back in bike assembly when the garden center converted over to Christmas. I was given a one bike tutorial on how to assemble a bike. There are many styles of bikes, and I noticed some of the bikes were coming back when I started, now we usually only get the ones that fols bring back after riding them for two years, and the tires are bald, and they take them back.
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    This is what Home Depot did about 5 years ago. There were about 7 people including myself that were working thre a few years back and they found any resaon to fire us. As people can attest, where I live is a low cost of living rate. I was making 15 bucks an hour in a place where minimum pay usually starts off about 6 dollars an hour. Needless to say we all got fired with in 2 months of each other and we all made over 13 dollars an hour. Screw companies like this and damn them all to hell.
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    God, I've noticed the decline in usefulness of Home Depot employees most. It was once an AWESOME place to get help/advice over simple household jobs (that I need help with - totally tool-stupid here) - now it blows donkeys. I never shop there anymore, we have a RONA right across the street that must have hired all the knowledgeable and pleasant staffers HD let go.

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    I looked at TVs at Circuit City and bought it from Amazon for $300 less and free shipping.
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    I did the exact same thing Jp, but I saved a little over $400.
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