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    WAVE 3: What you're getting

    With Wave 2 starting to show up, what's your plans for TAC Wave 3? According to SSG's official list, it will include

    Biggs Darklighter (Academy)
    Darth Vader
    Elis Herlot (Cantina Alien)
    Jawa & LIN Droid
    Luke Skywalker w/Moisture Vaporator
    Stormtrooper (w/removable helmet)
    McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca

    I want 1 Biggs, 1 Elis Herlot, at least 1 Jawa, 3 Stormies, and 1 Chewbacca (to keep carded). No Luke... I don't want a vaporator that badly... and no Vader.

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    Luke looks like crap, and I don't need the vaporator that badly.

    I'm tired of Vader. He's been overdone more than Tatooine Luke even dreamed of.

    I have no desire for stupid, inaccurate Stormtroopers with Jango heads.

    So one each of Elis, Biggs, Chewie, and definitely that b****in' Jawa for me.
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    1 Biggs, 1 Elis Hellrot, several Jawas since they don't have the "skylight" in their hoods (and I'll take the vest off half of them so they look different, & several Stormtroopers - not sure how many yet - probably 4 or 6.
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    I will be getting one of each of these. I have enough stormtroopers at this point that army building would be silly. But, everything here looks good. However, taking a look at the cantina patrons, it depends on what you can do with curved bar sections...
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    Definitely Biggs, Elis, Jawa, and Chewie. I'm tired of Vaders but I might get the Luke if the vaporator looks good in person.
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    I've pre-ordered the full wave (one of each) from R2DToys - they also list Miiyoom Onith as being included, so I hope that's right. I don't really want another Vader, but it will probably work out cheaper for me to buy the full set, than trying to track down the 6 or 7 I do want.
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    I'll play because I don't want a lot here, but I keep thinking these threads are like telling scalpers what to go and hoarde off the racks. That's why I said I was buying like 97 Luke Skywalkers and Han Solos in the last one. If JarJar was in the wave, or a new Lushros Dofine...


    1 Biggs Academy
    3 Elris Helrots
    1 Myoom Onith
    1 Jawa / LIN Droid
    1 Vader on Obi-Wan's robe (I'm a sucker. I admit it)
    1-6 Concept Chewbaccas (possibly for use as a random alien). If he's good I'll go for more:

    Mos Eisley
    Mos Espa
    Coruscant (maybe for several - up to 3 - scenes)

    That's probably all the EU use I could get out of the figure. If he's not good for any of it, I won't buy any of him.

    This might be one of those situations where I should order the case considering what I want from it and that I could easily get friends to take my extras.
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    Here's my wants for this wave.

    X1 Biggs Darklighter (Academy) (might get 2 more for customs)
    X1 Darth Vader (Damn you Hasbro...just getting this for the Obi-wan robe "base")
    X1 Elis Herlot (Cantina Alien)
    X3 Jawa & LIN Droid
    X6 Luke Skywalker w/Moisture Vaporator (really just for the vaporators, I'll keep one of the Lukes, but will most likely donate the others to charity, unless someone here wants to buy one/some of the loose Lukes)
    X1 Miiyoom Onith
    X1 Stormtrooper (w/removable helmet) Yep, I'm not army building this one. I might get a few more for a partially off duty diorama. Not sure.
    X2 McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca
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    I think I'll grab at least two of each and I'll be going for extras of the Jawa Stormtrooper. I don't really care about the removeable helmet feature, I just want lots of Stormtroopers.

    Darth Vader may be the only one I get a single of, the robe base is kind of cool but not cool enough to have feeling I need it. May just get his coin from somebody to plop in the album...
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    Probably one of each, but I may end up getting more of the Stormtroopers if they turn out well.
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