Hi all- sorry I have been largely absent lately!

I know I owe some Titaniums that I snagged for some folks here and if you're one of them send me a PM with your current mailing address and I'll get them out to you by Wednesday of next week!

My new job is eating my time BUT it does have some perks- I snagged all 6 Order 66 packs are Target tonight! w00t!

As for Titaniums, still no sign of the latest Firespray. Hasbrotoyshop.com has them sporadically though.

I'll be making a new Titanium variant update soon as well- hopefully this weekend if I get the time!

I look forward to hearing from ya!

Consequently, if anyone needs/wants the "other" figures from the 66 packs- not the Clone Troopers as I am keeping those- let me know and they're yours for a trade or whatever. I also have spare purple Mace Clones (no Air Troopers) and a couple from the Felucia pack, too! As well as the "other" figures from those packs!