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Thread: Hermie Odle?

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    Hermie Odle?

    Are there any photos at all of the Hermie figure, prototype.... anything? Isn't he supposed to be released in a couple of months? Shouldn't we have seen SOMETHING by now?

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    Short of him being named on the checklist included in Battlepacks and the Coin Album and whatnot, there really isn't any information on him yet. He's #29 out of 60, so the fact that we've already seen nearly half the figures for the whole year is fine by me.

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    Hasbro said he will be shown at C4 or SDCC.
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    If he's slated to be #29, I'd think it would have to be C4 'cos SDCC is so far away that they'd have to skip over him to preview him there.
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    You'll have to forgive me for asking stupid questions, but I haven't had a chance to really keep up recently. Busy, you all know the story.

    Exactly when is C4 and SDCC?

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    C4 is at the end of May, Memorial Day weekend.

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    We may even see pics before then. They showed pics of TAC Waves 3 and 4 before Toy Fair. I think we may see pics in early May.
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    My first reaction was, "May? Are you joking?" Then I realized it's already halfway through April, so that doesn't sound so bad.


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