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    Battlefront II Multipacks

    RS and GH have links to a ToyWiz page (that isn't currently working) but it looks like there will be some pretty sweet-lookin' multipacks of clones and droids based off of the game, with ginormous weapons. These will be pretty sweet in dioramas.
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    Yeah, they don't look too bad but I'm rather disappointed as I've been wanting the unique characters from BF1-

    -Green striped AOTC Clone with jetpack
    -Female Rebel sniper
    -Female Rebel sniper (Hoth)
    -Blue chested Battle Droid (aka: Pilot Droid) with rocket launcher
    -Rebel soldier (Endor Rebel-style fatigues but mostly in grey for the urban settings)
    -Rebel soldier with rocket launcher (he's wearing Endor Rebel fatigues but the jacket is black, pants are brown and he has a Fleet Trooper helmet)
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    I might get these. Unsure yet. Some BF figs would be nice. I do have the BF1 Biker Scout which is pretty sweet too.
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    ill most likely get the clone set. Sense right now my funds are more to the low side, hopefully not for to long, i can pass on the other set.

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    I'll definitely get the clone set, prolly 2 or 3. The droid set, dunno. Want to see pics. Don't really need them that much and I wouldn't want to get the set for the repaint Gonk droid.
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    The Super Battle Droid should've been the TAC one!

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    Ooooooh. They have different guns. Wow.

    That's like eating creamed corn instead of corn on the cob and expecting your turds to look better because of it.
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    i had the links on the "pics of 4 new battlepacks" thread but as pointed out, the page is down now. someone probably got in trouble for leaking them out.

    i'll definitely get at least one of the clone sets, maybe even more especially since there aren't any pesky jedi repacks.

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    I'll get two of the packs. They looked cool when I saw them, though I kind of had to squint real hard to make out any details. I just love clones, and I no longer feel like I have to get a lot of them to build on the troops that I already have. They're all garnish at this point.
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    GalacticHunter just reported that the packs were removed from the site for the now, no official word on whether they were for real or just a custom set by ToyWiz.
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