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    Needa is coming says Hasbro!


    1. Okay, I love all the Imperial officers that you have been producing over the last few years. But I still have an empty slot in my Empire Strikes Back collection for the ill fated Captain Needa. Any sense on when I might be able to fill that spot with an action figure?

    HASBRO: We can't tell you for certain when he will come out, but it's a good bet that in the next two years you will have him in 3-3/4" format.

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    Captain Lorth Needa no less. who had an ill fitting cap in the movie. in fact i think most of the imperial caps were ill fitting. like they'd all picked up the wrong size.

    well it's another one off the list at least though a Piett redo and Captain Lennox should be next.

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    Boy, he'll look great next to the eight billion Jerjerrods still rotting on the pegs.

    I do want this figure, but just be prepared to see tons of him when he comes out.
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    This is awesome, I hope he has a commtech chip of him choking to death with him.
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    I want both a regular version as well as holographic. I just hope that they don't give him a crappy gimmick or look on his face.
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    I just hope Hasbro does him right. I would hate to see a jerjerrod-style wide-legged stance. Make him SA dang it!

    I do like as many Imperial Officers as possible, though.

    Oh...and it IS 2 years away.
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    This will be a nice addition to the rest of the imperial officers we've gotten. Just maybe not as exciting as a Captain/Admiral Piet redo would be. What imperial officer body should they use? I thought a General Veers with different arms or a Jerjerrod with different legs would work nicely.

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    I'll buy Captain Needa for sure. He's still a long way off though.
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    I hear he's going to look like Robert Rodriguez and be released as a two-pack Grindhouse commemorative special with General Veers.
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    Definitely a nice revelation. Hopefully they make him with that big ol' vein poppin' out of his forehead!!!

    Oh, and he's GOTTA be SA to re-enact all of those crazy Executor bridge antics!!!
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