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    Vehicles and things to trade.

    I wasn't sure what the best place for this list was, so I decided for saga. Here is a list of things that I have decided to get rid of and hope that they will find new homes!

    1 Kabe and Muftak in box/mailer sleeve
    2 POTF2 Hoth Play sets in box
    2 POTJ Tie Interceptors loose
    1 Tie Bomber loose
    1 Tie Bomber battle damaged loose
    1 AT-ST POTF2 loose
    1 AT-ST (w/speeder bike and ewok) loose
    1 clone wars hailfire droid loose
    12" Luke with Speederbike boxed
    12" Leia with Speederbike boxed

    1 POTF2 Snowspeeder loose, this is mint and in good working order but I changed the harpoon gun to a vintage gun. It does not have the harpoon and tow cable. I never got around to finding one.

    All things listed are in great condition and come with original accessories and pilots if applicable.

    Things I am looking for:

    Mustafar Play set
    Death Star Escape play set
    Detention Block Rescue Set
    EE Droid Sets 1 and 2
    Imperial Briefing Room
    Republic Commando Set
    Lucas Family Set
    Vintage loose Star Wars figures

    Or contact me and we can work something out. Thanks for looking!
    "Not again, Obi Wan is going to kill me."

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    I sent you a PM.
    Great Traders: kool-aid killer, jedi master sal, dindae, jedifinder1, dashrender, dawmer


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