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    Does anyone actually buy furniture online?

    Just curious.

    I've bought books from in the past, so I'm on their mailing list. They send out constant e-mails for sales on their furniture. (Oddly, in three years, I've never received info on a sale or free shipping offer that applies to the sort of things I've actually purchased.)

    Every time I see one, I think it's ridiculous. I can't imagine buying furniture, especially the expensive furniture they show on their site sometimes, sight unseen.

    Just wondering if anyone has. Or clothes, for that matter--clothes other than t-shirts, that is.
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    Nope, I've never purchased furniture online before. There have been some pieces of furniture that I would have bought, but shipping always kills the deal. I'll usually end up driving somewhere to purchase the same piece of furniture, or something similar, and save $50+ just because of shipping. If more online retailers offered free shipping on furniture I'd be more inclined to order online.

    I have purchased some clothing items online, nothing serious. Just T-shirts and hats, small inexpensive stuff like that.
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    We bought the twins cribs/toddler beds online from WalMart since the shipping was free, we liked the style and they were online only items.

    As far as clothes go, I've bought hats. I wouldn't get too crazy, since I know that things like pants and shoes fit me differently based on the brand.
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    I've reserved stock online for pick up by myself at a later date. but never had anything that needed shipping out to me. but there are peole who live their lives by shopping online. everything from furniture to fitted kitchens to grocery shopping and clothes and never get off their corpulent butts. my sister is like that. rather than buy a computer from a smaller more reliable computer shop she bought one from a big unreliable company selling iffy goods because it meant someone would come pick up it if it needed fixing. if she can get someone in to do the job for her she'll pay the man. if she can order anything online she will. anything so she doesn't have to move her gardulla the hutt like self to the stores or wherever.

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    The first, and last, piece of furniture I bought online arrived last week, it was seriously late too (they lost it in shipping), and it's caused me serious pain in my thigh but I can't return it for the $300 I spent (I was talked into getting a higher-quality desk chair). Buying this kind of furniture online without trying it in person first was a HUGE mistake, not only can I not get my money back (I could only return it if it was in original packaging, but how could I know I wanted to return it if I didn't assemble it to try it first?) but it's costing me money in lost work time (not to mention playing a week's worth of catch-up on the forums).
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    My mom had me order some chairs for her online through JC Penney since she doesn't have a computer. She also has been buying a lot of Tiffany style lamps from QVC and HSN, but that's over the phone. She does have me bring up the QVC and HSN websites to look at them sometimes, and to check their schedules for lamp shows.

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    Yep. I've bought furniture online. Cheapo stuff with the expectation it was going to be just that. I got what I paid for, and that's fine because of its intended use. No problems.

    As for clothes.....I'm a huge user of Land's End and L.L. Bean websites for both work and casual attire. In fact, I almost shop there exclusively now. No complaints whatsoever. Easily sent back if necessary, too (but that's been rare for me). The family regularly sends/gives me Land's End gift cards for Christmas and birthdays.

    Recommend it I do.
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    Land's End is beautiful stuff, to be sure. I wouldn't shop for a couch or anything online - that stuff you need to be able to try out personally before dropping the money. I can see cheap filler pieces though, especially if the deal was ridiculous - or if you couldn't find what you were looking for in your area.

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    I somewhat take this whole thing back. I did order some baby furniture online. It was a discontinued piece Babies R Us didn't have in the stores. However, we'd bought the matching pieces in the store, and seen this piece in another color.

    I still wouldn't buy anything sight unseen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I still wouldn't buy anything sight unseen.
    Back to the clothes thing: If you have a Sears close by, they carry Land's End. You can check it out, determine sizes and styles. If it's code 4 for you, then just order online and avoid the mall in the future!

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