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    I haven't seen ANY refresh shipments of Wave 1, nor any trace at all of Wave 2. None of the stores I've visited in the past couple of weeks -- Target, WM, TRU -- have gotten anything beyond an initial case or 2 of Wave 1.

    What gives, I wonder? As well as Wave 1 has sold (in my area, at least), I'd think retailer orders would be strong for more.

    Anyway, I hope to see more soon, even if it is only more Wave 1. The Lushros Dofines are getting lonely.

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    Yep, it does seem like after the initial release we have been stuck with a few stray obi's and R2's on the pegs. Still only heard of one wave of the new vehicles blowing through as well. So much for keeping product on the shelf...
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    Same thing out here -- I haven't seen squat in stores, except an odd Ben and R2. I'm assuming that collectors and kids are grabbing tons right now and that they will all trickle in slowly in the coming weeks and start to hang around more after this initial feeding frenzy is met. I'm not worried at all; when I think back to last year and the TSC, I know I saw every single figure at some point on a peg (except the Wal-Mart exclusives), and ones that I thought were rare and worried about not getting, eventually became super easy to find (Death Star Gunner, Utupau Clone, Luke Endor...Scorch was pretty scant. I think I saw two in all.)

    The Battle Packs, vehicles and Coin Albums are all over the place though.

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    My Wal-Mart got at least one case of Wave 1, but I don't see any there now other than the coin albums. Their basic figure pegs are still filled with TSC, mostly Vader, Jerjerrod and Palpatine. I've bought all my basic figures from the Fred Meyer near me. Saturday, I saw two Lukes and a Han at the Fred Meyer on the other side of town. At this point, every place I've checked has just a few figures at best, most of them being R2 and Obi-Wan.

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    It's like the water has been turned off at the tap. Once in a while, a random case will show up in my town, but certainly not enough to keep any figures on the shelves and keep kids interested.

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    I haven't seen anything beyond the first wave. The coin album, R2, and Kenobi are the most common. I underestimated the impact of the whole Spring Break-Easter holiday weekend on the toy aisle locally. Seems both SW and Pirates of the Caribbean figures really flew off the pegs.
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    Hasbro did say they'd be doing the anniversary assortments in smaller quantities too. So you should buy 'em when you see 'em.

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    The pegs at my local Target were beginning to get low. This morning it looks like they got a bunch of Saga 2 figures in. That was a little frustrating.

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    Wave 1 still seems to be moving through the local outlets here.
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    I've seen remants/left overs of wave 2 in my area (Toledo, OH). My classes are all in the morning now, so I don't get to see the full cases on the shelves. Just the other day I saw Biggs, Luke, Boba Fett and Rebel Guard relaxing on the pegs at a TRU.

    I also got a confirmation e-mail from BBTS (who gets all my SW business) and my shipment of wave 2 came in today.
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