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    Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony

    Hey all,

    It was my lucky day at Target. I finally found a 30th anniversary figure. I thought I'd post a review of him as well.

    Click below to find out what I hate and what I like about the new Luke in his ceremonial duds.


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    Great review, as always, Engineernerd. The pics and comments are much appreciated.

    Has anyone tried swapping this figure's head out with another, like the VOTC Luke or the VTSC Pilot Luke?

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    I'll pick one up & do a head swap when the time comes.

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    Let us know how it works. I'd be tempted to open the X-wing Luke to try it if I knew it worked.

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    I really dig your reviews man, lots of fun to check out

    That Luke figures face sculpt is so "real Ghostbusters" it's almost painful
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    I repainted the hair on mine and gave it a couple more shades of tan and light yellow. It looks amazing now!! I do agree that, without my "assistance", this figure is kinda poo 'cos of the head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    I repainted the hair on mine and gave it a couple more shades of tan and light yellow. It looks amazing now!! I do agree that, without my "assistance", this figure is kinda poo 'cos of the head.

    Picture, man. Pictures.

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    Yeah, I would like to see photos of this as well, I made some claims that the sculpt is better than folks think and it's the paint not doing its job, so I'd love to see what you came up with.
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    Use The Votc Luke Head

    I can't post a pic, but dig out your VOTC Luke from storage and use its head on the TAC Ceremonial Luke. Do it. Right now.

    The VOTC Luke head is just slightly loose on the TAC Luke neck, but I was amazed at the difference it made. It is less poseable than the TAC head, but if all you're doing is displaying this figure loose anyway, it doesn't matter. It is almost a different figure with the VOTC head; it improves the figure 150%, IMO. It's the head Hasbro should've used. Why they chose waste money and time to create a new, rather inferior head sculpt is beyond me. I plan to use the TAC head on a different figure in the future, maybe for a Rebel Honor Guard or an Imperial, when I have the time, since it bears little if any resemblance to Mark Hamill.

    As an aside, I think the bad reviews that have been heaped on this figure are mostly unwarranted. The body sculpt is fantastic, he can put his hands behind his back. and the details on the oufit are just short of amazing. I can now safely donate my old POTF2 Ceremonial Luke to charity.

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    I had to pass on this one when I saw it hanging there the other day. Not that I think it's as terrible as all that, though the head is funky, but most Luke's end up looking a bit odd. It's mostly because I still really like the old POTF2 version. Just seemed pointless to have another. Sure, the articulation and detail is super... but again... what for?

    Just seems like another "they'll buy it because it's on the new card style" figure to me.

    Great review BTW Engineernerd!


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