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    Kenny Baker dead at 83.

    Sounds like Kenny Baker has passed away. Obviously known for R2D2, he was in many films over his career, including Time Bandits, Flash Gordon, and I think he was in Amadeus as well. Hate to see another part of my childhood go.

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    Was he in Under the Rainbow, with Carrie Fisher, too? Yesterday, Time Bandits was on (I only caught the last half or so); that was (and still is) one of my favorites and I hadn't seen it in ages. I walked passed him and a group of friends/guards at some convention (maybe SW Celebration IV in LA?) and just waved.

    I think his career deserves a separate thread here at SSG. You were the spirit of Artoo-Deetoo, the spirit of the Star Wars saga itself.
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    I had forgotten he was in the Elephant Man and Willow as well.

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