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Thread: Vacation

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    I'm going to Lake George for one week at the end of July with my family, like I did last year and the year it'll be fun.
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    Thanks again for all of the input.

    I was just randomly putting out my wish list for travel. There's lots I would like to see and I know it would take several trips to do all that I would like to do. In my rambling, it may have seemed I was trying to visit all of these places at the same time, but I know better. I'd need a private jet (and Trump's finances) to do all that I mentioned on one vacation! Vancouver would certainly be the number one destination for me to start, though, since it's so "close".

    I will make the trip sooner or later. Even if in retirement, traveling in my wing tips with black knee socks and plaid shorts, looking like the typical American tourist, I'll do it! I've always been curious because of my Canadian Connection. My grandmother's family (on my mom's side) came to California during the Gold Rush and stayed. As a kid, I always heard about the Toronto relatives which has made me want to explore the East (heck, I haven't seen the east coast of the US, either!).

    One day, hopefully soon!
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    Well, it's finally that time again... heading out for vacation tomorrow for the week... I'll try and stop in from time to time but I'll probably be too wasted.
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    Be safe!

    My little clan still can't decide what to do. I'm off in about two weeks.

    Mrs. TI7 wanted to go to Yosemite for about three days, but that's looking pricey (lodging, tours, etc.). I'm not sure what Plan B is yet, either. We might just dig a hole in the back yard, fill it with water, hop in and call it good!

    Have a good time!
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    Mrs. Solo and I got back from two days at Cedar Point on Wednesday. Today we're going to Slicker's mom's 4th of July party, July 20th I'm going to see the Tigers DOMINATE the Royals and the first week of August will be spent up north at the cabin. It shall be a busy rest of the summer, but I'm certainly not complaining!
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    First off, I owe a BSLOS for what I am about to admit:

    "You can stand under my umber-ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh."

    There. I was born in the Buckeye State, birthplace of the most US presidents, home of the first stoplight, and the only state that's round on the sides and 'hi' in the middle (old OH joke). Anyway, I've lived in three states the most of my life: OH, CA, and NV. A couple years back, I finally visited Carson City and Sacramento, but I have never been to the capital of my birth state. I'd been to Tallahassee, Austin, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Montgomery, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, and Indianapolis before, and made it to D.C. at least twice. No Columbus yet.

    Any anyway, this summer I am leaving the confines of the Golden State and going back east. A couple days in Columbus, OH; Youngstown, OH for a tad less than a week; a day in Pittsboigh, PA to catch a Pirates game; then ending up in the Detroit, MI area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    "You can stand under my umber-ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh."
    it's "hey hey hey"
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    Quote Originally Posted by HanSololol View Post
    it's "hey hey hey"
    Part of a BSLOS is the fact that there can be rampant errors. Online, I found a lyrics site that listed it as "eh," I figured pronounced as a hard 'A,' as in "day" or "bidet." It's bad no matter what.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    When's JMG gonna kill this thread, seems like it's almost getting fun enough for that to happen
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