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Thread: Vacation

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    I myself just got back from an extended vacation (4 months worth!!!) and I went to some interesting places to say the least. First I went to Guam for 4 days which was okay but nothing spectacular, then I made my way down to Australia where I first went to Sydney for 4 days then a few weeks later I made my way over to Brisbane for 5 more! After that I kinda just bummed around for a month until I decided to go back to Guam for 4 more days then I hit Kuala Lumpur for 4 days. After that I started heading back home.

    All in all it was a great vacation. I think I may do it again this fall.
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    From Oct 17-24 I'll be in the greater Boston area.
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    I wish.
    Maybe this time I'll actually meet Ben Affleck.
    Back in April of last year I just missed meeting him in a small seafood shack in northern Massachusetts. He left not too long before we got there (maybe an hour or so). The waitress said the was scouting for locations for a movie - I'm guessing it was "Gone Baby Gone" - when he stopped for lunch.
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    Although it's a year away, I may accompany my son to a convention being held next year (October 2008) in Louisville, Kentucky. (He just returned from Reno from this year's convention....poor dad couldn't get away to go with him).

    We've never been there, so for those of you in the know, what should be on our "must see" itinerary while we're there? I know about Churchill Downs, of course, and the Louisville Slugger Museum, but what else?

    Your suggestions are most welcomed!


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    TeeEye7 here's a website that might give you some other ideas.

    Louisville is the headquarters for UPS and I always thought a tour of their facility at the airport would be an awesome thing to see the inside of. The building is just huge and during the day they have tons of big airplanes parked on the ramp. I didn't have any luck finding anything online about possible tours though.

    Earlier this month the new wife and I spent 10 days in Hawaii for the honeymoon. We had 3 days on Oahu which we spent our only full day there touring all the sights of Pearl Harbor (awesome!). Then we headed over to Maui for the remainder. Maui is very relaxing and made for a great vacation. It was a long flight (11 hours total) for us but we were glad we did it. We'd love to go back and see a different island or 2 but not for a while, next time we'll find something closer.
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    Thanks, EP!

    Cool website. Never new about UPS. In another life, I worked for American Airlines, so that does stike a favorable chord with me. That's worth looking into seeing if tours are available.

    The Glassworks sounds really fascinating. That's definitely on the list. AND...(woo hoo!) Maker's Mark and Wild Turkey facilities! How could I forget I would be to Kentucky. After all, that stuff is Kentucky Koolaide!

    Thanks very much for Ky the link.

    My wife and did the Hawaii thing for our honeymoon too. One of these days we'd like to go back too. We're looking at the big Two Five next year, so I guess we should do something special. (I was a good boy and bought her high-end gift already......she's absolutely worth it! )

    Thanks again for the help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    ...then I hit Kuala Lumpur for 4 days.
    I knew somebody that was in the Corps and I heard some interesting tales about K.L.

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    We also heard interesting tales about K.L. from a college professor.

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    Counting down the minutes

    My vacation starts today!

    Don't have to go back to work until the second week in January!

    Longevity/senority at the workplace ROCKS!
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