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Thread: Vacation

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    Me and the lady would like to go to Florida in the next month for a few days of relaxation in the sun and sand.
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    Let me say, that the destinations I had in mind for my drive north were great: both CA missions (San Miguel & Soledad), the Nat'l Steinbeck Center, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, and the San Jose St. library's Steinbeck Room (and workshop); and the drive up and weather were fabulous. However, if I never go to the city of San Jose again, I would not be saddened. Salinas deserves a return trip to spend more time there.

    So, with my Spring Break, I didn't really relax all that much (only got to sleep in 3 of the mornings ), but did quite a bit:
    - read 6 books (possibly a 7th, if I can finish it today)
    - drove over 800 miles on one trip, with locations above
    - cleaned up some files and room piles
    - got my taxes done
    - got some car repairs and maintenance completed
    - was able to watch much of the NCAA b-ball tourney
    - finished all my grading early on
    - in process of renewing my teaching credential
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    I'll be out of the area, the Pacific time zone, the state, and even the country for vacation this summer. Will likely have pics once the return has commenced. Fun is on the itinerary.
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    Central time zone?
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    Nope; Alaskan. And Pacific ST for the int'l locale (Vancouver, eh). Not as cold there as I'd have expected (lows only in the low-40s, checking recent weather reports) even in summer, but I'll still have gear in case.
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    In days passed, my dad was supposed to be transferred to Anchorage for his job. Instead, we made a left turn at Albuquerque and ended up in New Orleans, of all places! I still hope to make it to Alaska one day. Safe trip, sir!
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    Hmm... what to post for my 10,000th SSG post? How about an Alaskan cruise!

    The natural and architectural sights were awesome and amazing. Everywhere we went, people constantly were saying "this weather isn't normal," as we frequently got little rain, winds, or clouds. Started on land in central Alaska (Fairbanks, Denali Nat'l Park), then down to the coast (Anchorage, Seward) to the cruise ship. Sailed down into Vancouver, where it was back on land. Saw massive amounts of wildlife (grizzly bears, caribou, reindeer, squirrels, moose, bald and golden eagles, herons), awe-inspiring formations (several glaciers, including LANDING ON one; Mt. McKinley NOT covered up by clouds; forests; flower gardens; river valleys; train trips up and along passages), great buildings. I was among the best times I've ever had on a vacation. More to follow about the ugh! and grr! and are-you-kidding-me?!? aspects.
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    Now, paperwork? By far, the worst trip ever! First: wrong names everywhere, wrong bed arrangements in all but one location, switched my gender once, sent one of my bags BACK on the cruise ship instead of moving it into the hotel room in Vancouver. Worst part? The terminal was less than a block away from the hotel; if I'd have known it was that close, I would've taken it myself. Nice trying to shove too much stuff into a small bag, with the big one enjoying a boat ride away from me... oh well. I'll be waiting for a big FedEx box tomorrow.
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    Last one; I won't hog the space here, but I don't want to put too many pics per post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Hmm... what to post for my 10,000th SSG post? How about an Alaskan cruise!
    Awesome pics BCJ! Now...I'd think for you your 10k post should've been in the 'reading' thread.


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