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Thread: Vacation

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    I didn't get to read much on the trip (finished one book given to me by its author, three of the short stories in an 8-story arc). Must've been too much waking up early and taking bus rides to relax with a nice read.

    I am STILL waiting on my missing bag. Earliest arrival? This coming Tuesday?!?
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Is it bad that I have memorized my FedEx tracking number from entering it so many times in their search site? :tomorrow: :fingerscrossed:
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Next to last day of "staycation".

    Just returned from work to pick up the company car and see what kind of onslaught I was in for on Monday (not too bad, other than working the shift by myself...but what's new?).

    It's been nice doing things around the house at a leisurely pace, or not at all! Did manage to take my son and friends to the range for some instruction, went to the Reagan Library, saw the newest Spider-dude flick, went out to lunch and dinner frequently with Mrs. TI7.

    I still have ten weeks of vacation on the books....(we can accumulate up to 672 hours).
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    We can carry over 240 hours and I'm already at over 270. Luckily we're planning on taking the young ones to Disney world in late August the week before the oldest starts kindergarten so I can burn some hours then. Coincidentally, there's a little Star Wars convention going on late that week and into the weekend that I thought I'd stick around for. It ended up being quite convenient.

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    Fourth day of vacation but really feels like the first day. We had family Christmas revelers since last Saturday but they left yesterday. Nice to have the family over but it's nicer (and quieter) having ten less people in the space.

    I'll be on vacation until Jan. 7 but I'm rethinking that and may snivel to the boss to come back on the 14th instead. I have over 400 hours of vacation on the books and the thought of being off sounds pretty good. My post up above in July was the last time I've had time off. I think it's time to get some quality relaxation in!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Update: The boss accepted my sniveling. His main concern with my additional time off was to make it in and submit my time sheet for the next pay period. My boss rocks! Concerned about my salary, not the running of the units particularly since I have a boat load of vacation saved up!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    What did I get to do during my winter break from school? Saw three movies in the theater, visited one library/museum and a science center (both with famous aircraft displayed), read a couple books, shopped for gifts, took down Christmas decorations, visited with several friends and family members, attended a couple parties, ate at a few restaurants, cleaned up around the house, had various repairmen check out problems, watched FAR TOO MUCH television.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Heading down to Florida in a few weeks for a few days of rest and relaxation...toying with the idea of proposing to the would be Mrs. DQ as well.!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    A buddy has been pestering me the last few years about going to Arizona with him for spring training and I (think) this will finally be the year it happens.

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    Spring Break ends for me today but I still did enough to call it a "vacation." What did I do? Well...
    - saw a movie in theaters (Oz)
    - read some books
    - slept in most of the time
    - two day trips (to Redlands in the east, and LA area to the west)
    - cleaned out some junk in the house
    - did a little yard work
    - enjoyed watching sports on TV (both NCAA basketball tourney first days for the first time ever)
    - only spent parts of a couple days grading/lesson planning
    - went out for meals a few times

    Nothing super special, but it was still relaxing and fun, and isn't that what vacation's supposed to be?
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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