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Thread: Vacation

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    I am pooped. Back home from a looooong road trip that was extremely awesome. Went to nine states over 18 days and 5000+ miles driven (in a rental car with unlimited mileage), including CA, AZ, NM, CO, WY, NE, SD, UT, and NV.

    Saw the following:
    - Lowell Observatory
    - Petroglyph Natl Monument
    - Meteor Crater
    - Petrified Forest
    - Old Town Albuquerque
    - Isotopes Ballpark
    - Georgia O'Keeffe museum
    - Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
    - Mile High Comics
    - Garden of the Gods Park
    - US Mint Gift Shop in Denver (yep, you read that right)
    - Agate Fossil Beds Natl Monument
    - Mt. Rushmore
    - Crazy Horse Memorial
    - Bear Country USA
    - Mammoth Site
    - Custer State park
    - Wind cave Natl Park
    - Devil's Tower Natl Monument
    - Deadwood
    - Corn Palace
    - Wall Drug Store
    - Minuteman Missile Site
    - Badlands Natl Park
    - Ft. Laramie Natl Hist. Site
    - Temple Square in Salt Lake City
    - Red Canyon
    - Bryce Canyon Natl Park
    - Zion Natl Park
    - Hoover Dam
    - Caesar's Palace (for an amazing rate, and upgraded to an even more amazing room)
    - a couple universities (New Mexico, BYU)
    - a few state capitols (Santa Fe, Denver, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Pierre)

    And there are more places I didn't mention. It was among the best (and most exhausting) trips I've ever taken. Now I just have to download and organize over 2700 digital pics, plus deal with my car issues (not the rental) at home. I doubt there will be a summer vacation for a couple years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    - Caesar's Palace
    I thought that was renamed 2-1B's Palace....
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Mrs. TI7 and I spent the last two weeks on vacation primarily to visit with our son who is attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. An excellent tour guide, his itinerary included sampling a lot of the local cuisine in Norman as well as Oklahoma City. We didn't just eat, however. We also took in the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on the OU campus ( ), and a personal tour of the National Weather Center ( ). Our travels also took us through Moore, Ok en route to Oklahoma City where we saw devastated neighborhoods from the recent tornado earlier this summer. (We also saw damage around El Reno, OK along I-40 when we approached OKC).

    We left Norman briefly to head north to Missouri to visit the 416th Bomb Group Archive in Gainsville, MO ( ) which will be formally dedicated this Fall to the WWII veterans (I'm on the Board of Directors). We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the home and museum of Laura Ingalls Wilder's ( ) in Mansfield, Mo was on our route to Gainsville, so we took a short detour to check it out. Very much worth the effort!

    We returned to Norman and our son took us up to OKC to experience Bricktown and the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum ( ). The Museum was a must-see for me on this trip as I have been wanting to visit it for quite some time. It was a very powerful and emotional experience for me few will understand. The bombing was the catalyst for me taking the post-bomb blast training when the FBI came to our department to recruit crime scene investigators in the area to attend their class.

    On the way home we stopped at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest ( ) and enjoyed that in spite of the thunderstorms at the time. One of our stopping points on our trip is Winslow, AZ, so of course we had to go stand of the corner again ( ) and to at our favorite Winslow eatery Bo Jo's Sport Bar and Grill.

    3,746 miles later we are back home "enjoying" the triple digit weather we escaped while on vacation

    [edit] I was remiss in forgetting to add that we also went to Pops east of OKC, an iconic Route 66 landmark
    ( )
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    Sounds very nice! My recall of Oklahoma is as follows: mainly sleeping in the car (as a lad) while my family drove west, and making a wrong turn (as a legal driver) in Ft. Smith, AR to end up across the state line. Might need to add to those "unforgettable" memories some day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    I thought that was renamed 2-1B's Palace....
    I was just there on Sunday!

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    This year, no big trip planned; just day- or short days-trips. So far: drove along Angeles Crest Highway, a day at Disneyland, family visiting here towards the end of summer, maybe a few days around Sequoia or Kings Canyons parks.
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    I'm going on a road trip with a buddy out west to Montana. His sister lives in Helena so we'll stop by her and we are going to check out Glacier NP and/or Yellowstone. We might check out some stuff on the way out or way back home to Wisconsin.

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    Starting the trek west back to reality this afternoon.
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    Yeah...back from vaykay only three weeks but ready for another since it's been so busy at work.

    Look how sparse the posts are in this thread I guess all SSGers are hard at work and don't take vacations....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Yeah...back from vaykay only three weeks but ready for another since it's been so busy at work.

    Look how sparse the posts are in this thread I guess all SSGers are hard at work and don't take vacations....
    Or, they've been on sojourns of months-long length!

    I have two weeks left before school resumes, but my dad will come down here next week for a brief stay.
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