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    Two new rumored Battle Packs.


    # Battle Packs - many of these have already been released and some have been confirmed that they will be back again, but there ARE a few new names on the list

    # Battle of Theed
    # Jundland Wastelands (*)
    # Betrayal at Bespin
    # Capture at Droid Factory

    # Hunt for Grievous
    # Clone Attack on Coruscant
    # Ambush on Ilum

    * It should be noted that the Capture of Tantive IV battle pack is still showing this name on some store receipts, so it's likely this is what this is.

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    My guesses:

    Betrayal at Bespin: Likely Han, Lando, Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett. Possibly Chewie or Leia instead of one of these. If it includes a table or chairs, it could possibly be worthwhile. It probably won't, though.

    Capture at Droid Factory: Anakin, Padme, Jango, 2 Super Battle Droids. The only thing that could make this possibly worth getting would be if they included one of the recent C-3PO sculpts (Ewok Throne or ROTS) repainted in AOTC colors, since we still don't have a good AOTC C-3PO. With them re-releasing that stupid plasticy version with the Battle Droid head, though, I doubt it.

    Re-releasing Hunt for Grievous and Clone Attack on Coruscant would be good ideas, since those were tough to find. And it's been a few years since the Battle of Theed set--not my first choice, but not totally illogical, either. Capture of Tantive IV has done pretty well, so that makes some sense, too.

    But Ambush on Ilum? Yeah, it's one of the best Battlepacks they've done, but it ended up on clearance for less than the price of one figure.
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    I really hope they give us a table and chairs for the bespin pack but I have a feeling that we will get a Bespin Confession Vader, Bespin Duel Luke, Lando and a Saga Han in Carbonite with a Saga Leia Bespin or POTJ Bespin escape Leia.
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    Both of those newly listed sets are an easy pass.In fact all the battle packs are.

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    Even Ambush on Ilum? Your cynicism exceeds even mine.

    Jargo, you make me sad.
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    TANTIVE IV is one of the best products of the year. I just toss the Vaders.
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    yeah even the Illum set. the Chameleon droids are dumb beyond words and it's the same old droids and a horrible pre-posed padme.
    The Tantive pack is nothing we haven't had before either. the fact that the troopers helmets are removable is no reason to get excited.
    I find these battle packs unimaginative and ill concieved. They seem to be little more than a large box with too much space and not enough product. and the title of battle pack seems ill chosen too. affray is even too strong a word for what these represent. how about scuffle or tussle? they seem appropriate words for what you get in the box.

    A battle pack to me would be a box full of figures like say ten figures, of either one faction or the other. something with enough content to make a battle from. Let's take Endor. Two speeder bikes and scout troopers, six stormtroopers and two Death star troopers. with an opposing set comprised of six Endor rebel troopers and four Ewoks.

    Core characters are taken care of in the basic assortments. No need to add them to Battle packs. Look at the mini unleashed line for evidence of how that can work. A battle pack should be a big thing not a washed up effort like these sets.

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    I think the "Battle packs" term has changed a little from the first we heard of it. It started out with fight oriented figures, but with Dagobah, and others, it has become more a cinema scene of olden days (circa late 90's )
    I don't mind too much. They don't seem to take up too much space or detract from the regular stuff, sell pretty good, and are a great value. 19.99 at Target - 4 bucks a figure as opposed to 6.99, minus a few accesories in some cases.
    These are great for kids and pefect for parents etc. who want a 20 dollar gift without having to know what figures "go" together (and being able to find them). It only brings more people and new kids into the hobby!

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    Sure. I'm just sayin it like I see it. just an opinion. And I don't expect to see anything change. I just happen to think it's a poor product range.

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    What's Battle of Theed, the TRU one from a few years ago with the Captain Tarpals and Kaadu? I didn't get that one so I may this time.

    Hopefully the Ambush on Ilum will have a gray C-3PO, but I doubt it . . . I have the first one but haven't opened it yet, so if it has a new C-3PO, I might pick up the new one instead.

    Though Hasbro said in the Q&A that they probably wouldn't put him out, the Bespin pack could possibly include the Vader from the CD-ROM. Dunno. I don't really think they could do anything new with this aside from some head swaps or repaints. Look, now they'll probably do Willrow Hood packed with the 1995 Lando, the 500th Vader, and both versions of Lobot.

    Even worse, the Droid Factory set could include the 2003 flying R2-D2, Super Battle Droid shell from the deluxe set, the Arena Escape Padmé, Force Flipping Anakin, and ROTS Destroyer Droid.
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