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    Red face Unl. Shadow Stormie for V-Wing, N: comic packs, H&V Grievous w/cape

    All of my haves are MOMC.


    2006 Comic Con Exclusives:
    ACME Anakin character key cell
    GG Shocktrooper Bust w/mini shock bustup
    ACME Darth Sidious key cell
    501st Stormtrooper
    GG Bust Ups poster (The 1st 100) <--awesome
    Hasbro Saga 2006 figures poster

    NEW! : ROTJ tin + Vader, Leia and Endor Trooper - $5

    EXCLUSIVE! Saga #72 Nabrun Leids & Kabe x2
    Saga #73 Labria x2(% see note below in my wants)
    Saga #71 Kitik Keed'Kak
    Saga #70 Aurra Sing
    EXCLUSIVE!! Unleashed Shadow Stormtrooper (want V-Wing)
    EXCLUSIVE!! TAC Treachery on Saleucami Battlepack

    NEW!! TAC Airborne Troopers
    NEW!! Saga #64 Commander Appo
    NEW!! Saga #59 Clone 5th fleet security (x3)
    NEW!! Saga #57 Clone 442nd Siege Battl.
    NEW!! Saga #60 Clone Trooper Sergeant(epII) -multiple
    NEW!! Saga #68 Combat Engineer Clone
    NEW!! Saga #58 R5-J2
    NEW!! Betrayal on Felucia BP MIMB
    NEW! Mace Windu Battlepacks MIMB
    New! Saga Scorch
    Saga 501sts (GB)
    Saga Shocktroopers (GB)
    Saga Death Star Gunner (x2)
    Saga C-3PO Ewok Deity (unpainted knee!!)
    Saga AT-TE Tank Gunner (Grt.Battles)
    UGH Anakin (dooku holo)
    UGH Han (yoda holo)
    UGH Vader (maul holo)
    Unleashed Shock Trooper
    Unleashed Han Solo (in storm disguise)
    Fresh from K-mart: Jedi Temple Assault Battlepacks (x2)!!!
    Skirmish in the Senate Battlepacks (x2)!!
    TRU Exclusive Anakin's Green Jedi Starfighter (mib)
    Titanium Series -Chase Clone Wars Gunship (facing down)

    Saga Garindan
    Saga R5-D4
    Saga Black Clone Pilots (EP3 Heroes & Villains)
    Saga Destroyer Droid (EP3 H&V)
    Saga Clone Trooper (EP3 H&V)
    Saga Commander Cody
    Saga Utapau Clones
    Saga Firespeeder Pilot
    Saga Boba Fett -(Storm Trp.or Emperor hologram)
    Saga AT-AT Driver
    Saga Sandtrooper
    VTSC Scout Trooper
    !!ROTS Republic Gunships case fresh (x2)!!
    #57 Commander Bly -white joints!!! (x2)
    #45 Tarkin
    #65 Tactical Ops Trooper(501st) (x4)

    Utapau Shadow Trooper -Target Excl. x2
    Holographic Emperor x3 -TRU Excl.

    #64 Wookie Gunner (error)
    #68 R4-P17 (error)
    #66 Holo Plo Koon
    #22 Kit Fisto
    #16 Plo Koon
    #2 Anakin w/clear red saber -new variant
    #33 Green Clone Commanders x2
    #28 Anakin sith eyes x2
    Target Excl. Attack on Coruscant BP
    #38 AT-TE Tank Gunner
    #41 Clone (super-articulated) x4
    #50 Anakin on Mustafar (aka extra crispy Anakin)!
    #54 AT-RT Driver (error/gray nose variant)
    #59 Commander Gree
    #17 Battle Droid
    #18 C-3PO
    #37 Vader's Medical Droid
    #23 Royal Guard (red)
    #4 Super Battle Droid (card c8)

    LEGO Yoda Keychain
    Boba Fett Super D -Palm Talker
    Deluxe Anakin to Vader
    Unleashed General Grievous (1st version)
    Unleashed Darth Vader - C10+
    i might have a shock depending on what you have
    Duel at Mustafar Darth Vader -Target Excl.
    POTJ - Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV defender)


    % For the Walmart wave figures, I'll trade 1:1 for ROTJ tin flip-visor Scout, Saga H&V Grievous (caped), or TAC McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett (will throw in more for Fett); loose VTSC Biker Scout, or loose Commander Neyo or trooper

    ***Obi-Wan/ARC trooper Alpha comic pack
    ***Quinlan Vos/Vilmarh Grahrk comic pack
    *TAC McQ Concept Boba Fett -loose complete ok
    Evolutions/EP1 tin Darth Maul loose complete (pending)
    Treachery on Saleucami BP -clones or bikes
    **Saga #65 41st Elite Kashyyyk Scout (dark visor, will take light visor as well)
    TAC Galactic Marine
    *EPVI ROTJ tin Bikerscout!!!!!!of course!!!! complete
    ****Saga H&V General Grievous (exploding body w/cape variant) HIGH PRIORITY
    *** loose white AT-RT driver (from EP3 tin)
    *** TAC V-Wing Starfighter (will trade Unl.Shadow Stormie)
    loose Speederbikes complete (can be modern)
    Hunt for Grievous BP-really just need 2 loose ARC troopers!
    *AOTC Gunship (will trade a ROTS gunship 1:1)
    * 2 ARC Trooper rifles (last BP I bought was missing them)

    loose Evol. Anakin (EPIII) accessories only: right sleeve and right golden hand that comes with it (pending)
    ***Clone Wars - Clone with speeder, loose complete or carded
    ARC Troopers -blue or red, loose complete or carded (preferably loose) x2

    *ROTS ARC-170 (loose or boxed)
    loose Battle Droids
    loose Super Battle Droids
    loose Oola
    VTSC Scout Troopers (preferably loose)
    EP II loose Gunship ball turret

    -AT-ST: Big hatch and little hatch
    -Speederbike: back flaps/plates(x4) and turret gun(x2)
    -loose Tie Fighter - can be missing a wing, working electronics preferably

    * = Priority

    ++I might have figures not listed -feel free to ask!

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    Trade post

    I saw your post.
    TAC Galactic Marine plus VTSC Biker Scout.
    Interested in UGH Vader.

    Please PM me. Thank you.
    [FONT=Verdana]If you wish to contact me, you should contact me via Thanks.[/FONT]

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    i can trade you an ROTS tin Biker Scout


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