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    ah, okay, the preview of "1001 nights of snowfall" - a great graphic novel, btw, if anyone's interested.
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    In the past, some posters here have lamented the lack of notice for the current year's day, so this year it is apparently on Sat. 5/3/08. Check out their site at Somethin' fer nuthin' for more details. Only SW items I believe are some mini figurines.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    I'm going this year, I hope to get All Star Superman #1 at the very least. I'll be sure to hit the comic shop doors as soon as they open.
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    All-Star Superman (or A.S.S.) is a piece of crap.
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    Here's what the FCBD website (see my post above for the link) says, SW-related-wise:

    Quote Originally Posted by From The Intraweb
    —FCBD 2008 EDITION

    Enter the exciting galaxy of adventure with Wizards of the Coast’s best-selling Star Wars Collectible Miniature Game with one of three different figures available FREE on May 3rd! May the Force of FREE be with you!
    It shows a Weequay and a Quarren (don't know who mysterious #3 is).
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Thanks for the link/info Bel-Cam Jos. I always forget to look and see what's being given out before we wander off.

    Me and the kid will be making the rounds to as many shops here in Portland as we can, before we get tired. Which is usually after just two stops.

    I live about two minutes from the Things From Another World over by Dark Horse HQ. They always have signings, so I'm excited to see what's going on.

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    The store I went to had a nice celebration in the parking area around the shop, which I did not know about. I'd called to check on the hours, and the person said they'd have food and costumed people, but this was more than that. Highlights:

    - Feedback and Hygena from the Who Wants to Be a Superhero? TV show (got to talk to her more than he, as his line for autographs/photos was longer... donated some money to her charity [epilepsy, I think] by buying her "Hygena" logo soap bars)
    - a local 501st group (Vader, some Storm and Scout troopers, Leia, Tusken Raider, Endor Soldier, X-Wing Pilot, etc.)
    - found out there's a local SW fan group (Inland Empire Fan Force) trying to get SW Weekends at DisneyLAND
    - a 70s muscle car (couldn't tell the model) in base gray as the Millennium Falcon (right side mirror was the side cockpit, front of hood had the radar dish, top of car with a quad cannon)
    - lots of parents with kids, many posing with 501st-ers for pics :cheese:

    Problem was, the only real reason I went there was for the SW miniature figurine... none available. Not even the Simpsons Bongo comic. Although I checked out another shop a few cities away, which did have that comic but never received any SW figs (they said :conspiracytheory: ). Anyhow, it was cool, stayed for about 45 minutes at the first one.
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    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Not much going on at my local shops as it turns out. Terry Dodson was signing autographs at one Things From Another World, but other than that, nothing wild.

    We managed to wrangle a pretty decent pile of stuff. Couldn't find all of the Star Wars miniatures, but got the Weequay Leader. (No Quarren, though we did get a Clone.) Also nice, was how the shop nearest to us handed over an Iron Man Heroclix to my son. Surprising since almost all of them had vanished within the first hour it seems.

    As far as the comics, it's funny that you mention the Bongo book Bel-Cam Jos, because I only saw one at the first shop we hit, but managed to snatch it for my son. (As it turns out, it's the only thing he's enjoyed reading.) I picked up the Hellboy books... and that was about it.

    Kind of disapointing how neither of the shops really talked up the event much. No signs, no explanations, no big Free Comic Book Day celebration, just a pile of stuff on the counter. The one TFAW was having a clearance sale, and that seemed to be more of a focus for them.

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    My local LCS limited you to just 4 free comics, though they did give me a Weequay mini.

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    My store had a really good day. Mid week before FCBD the owner contacted the paper just to see if they might put a little blurb in for him - well lo & behold they did a 1/2 page with photo. Apparently people were lined up to get in at opening!!!

    I got there around 2pm, got my 2 free books (he had to limit, they were getting snatched up like mad so I got X-Men & the Marvel Adventures 3 hero book for my son), bought a few back-issues for 25% off and headed home. I'm happy he got so much exposure!


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