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    My brother is wanting to sell off all our Spider-Man comics....we've got the entire run of Web, Spectacular(sans about 10 issues), and Spider-Man....I might just give him money....I dont wanna get rid of them.
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    DarthQuack, since this is the FREE Comic Book Day thread, you are now required to give away said comics to anyone who's read your post. My addresss is 123 Fake St. Springfield, XQ 74200.
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    This year's FCBD is May 2nd. Only two that interest me are the SW:CW and the 25th Anniv. TMNT.
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    I keep hearing about this Free Comic Book Day, but what is it? Keep in mind, if been out of comic book collecting for over 15 years and I just got back into it a few months ago.

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    BigB, this Saturday, participating comic stores will have around 10 books, specially printed for this event, available for free distribution. For the most part, they're only half the length or less of regular comic issues.

    This year, there will be a Clone Wars comic, a GI Joe/Transformers animated comic, A Green Lantern Blackest Night #0, I believe an Avengers comic and some sort of Simpsons comic.

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    So you get just 1 of the 10 or so? Or you can get all of them for free?

    And Bel Jam we still have all our Spidey comics
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    It all depends of your local store.
    Some stores will have all of the free books. It is also up to the store how many you can have. My store gives up to three free books to the general public, IIRC, but members can have whatever they want. It seems to defeat the purpose of getting non-readers to read comics, but he also gives a ton of 'em to our local libraries.
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    There's actually more than ten, but the stores have to pay for them (something like a nickel or quarter per), so I doubt there are any stores ordering all of them. Most stores will let you have one of each.

    I agree with the idea, but the major problem I have with it is this: it's supposed to attract and bring in new readers. Trouble is, it's only at comic shops, and they don't advertise it anywhere aside from shops and websites that comic collectors frequent. So it's only preaching to the converted.

    Edit: RB posted while I was writing that. That really rather sucks about your store only allowing three total to non-members.
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    Well, when driving home from the airport the other day, I decided to drive through Edwardsville, IL on a whim and I went right past a comic book store right along the highway. So I took the next turn and went back around to the store. It's probably the first comic store I've even seen in over a decade so it was kind of cool to just walk around and they seemed to be making a big deal out of the whole Free Comic Book Day thing.

    Pretty nice store and the guy working behind the desk was really helpful (I never thought to ask him about the free comics). Unfortunately it's about 45 minutes to an hour away from me, so I'm just not sure if it's going to be worth the drive.

    I actually have to go pick a friend up from the airport tonight, so I might stop by that store again.

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    The closest store to me makes it a big hoo-ha: creators signing (I got special soaps from Hygenia from that Who Wants to Be a Superhero? show, by donating to her charity), games, free food, costumed characters (comic, movie, fantasy, etc.), balloons, music, other giveaways. It's good for kids, and decent for adult collectors, too. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.

    But the way they do it, is you get a ticket, with different logos from the various comics, and you choose which ones you want to get and they punch the ticket. But last year, the one I wanted (can't remember it now) was gone. There are some other books you can take up to 4 or 5 free, but it seems the main freebies are limited to only 3 IIRC.
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