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    That really rather sucks about your store only allowing three total to non-members.
    It's a fairly small shop, so I think he does that to make sure there's enough to go around. Plus he donates a sh*tload of 'em to hand out at libraries instead of just the store.
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    Both of my local shops limit you to only 4-5 books.

    Kevin Eastman and William Shatner will be signing at one of those stores.

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    Turnout this year seemed less than last year (could be due to colder, rain-possible weather forecast, or fears of flu from being in public), but still nice. I did get the SW:Clone Wars and TMNT 25th Anniv. books I wanted, plus Bongo Comics, Transformers, and GIJoe/TF flipbook. They let you get up to 10 books.

    Here are some pics: the guy dressed as Wolverine apparently is a Hero for Hire (i.e. parties/events), and you could pose sitting on a model of a Sentinel, and there were various 501st costumers around (plus the nicest Joker ever, who was courteous and asked politely to get through, instead of just blasting us in the face with a gun ). There was a Batman bouncy, tables of comic people I did not know at all, experts at CCG and fantasy games. Not bad for our small town.

    [okay, for some reason, it won't allow me to post the Wolverine pic... will try later]
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    Turnout was less than last year's at 2 stores that I went to. It also seemed less organized than last year.

    I got Blackest Night #0, Cars, Clone Wars and GI Joe/Transformers Animated plus I scored some free X-Men Origins swag - a Wolverine dogtag and foam Wolverine claws (kind of like the foam fingers you see at sporting events).

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    The turnout for the SAT seemed higher. Maybe that's why.
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    We held our 2nd Comic Book Expo here in Lubbock during the city's Art Festival (which brings in 20,000 people over three days)....we had a good showing and hope to build from it. Here's a photo of me and the kids with Batman! Of course my son was freaked to stand near him, but kept following him all morning!
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    2010 offerings.

    Scroll down to the IDW book, and you'll see why I just wet my pants.
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    Reminder post

    May Day! May Day! Every first weekend in May means Free Comic Book Day. Check out your local shop for give-aways and events this Saturday.
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    I drove past the local comic shop on Saturday, and they seemed to have a good turnout (pretty decent line to get in for the freebies), but I passed on stopping.

    Anybody else stop and have a post-able experience at theirs?
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    didn't want to leave the house so i skipped it. since i read joe, punisher and SW they'll typically snag a copy for me if one of those titles is a free book and give it to me the next time i stop in.


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