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    I hate the local comic shop, but I went there to get GIJoe #155.5. I also got the Superman, Tiny Titans, Archie, Shrek, Toy Story, Mouse Guard, and what seems like a billion different Iron Man comics. I really wanted the Dr Solar/Magnus and Atomic Robo, but no luck on them; they didn't order them.

    Also took advantage of a 10% sale they were running to get Batman: The Brave and the Bold Volume 1. With all the kiddie stuff I got, Chux Jr should enjoy some of it.

    GIJoe #155.5, by the way, was well worth a fourteen year wait.

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    The local shop limited each person to three comics each, so I picked up Del Ray Showcase, Artifacts, and War of the Supermen. Since I'm not a fan of the SW Legacy series, I just picked up Batman Streets of Gotham #11 and Batman #698. I normally don't read the Batman series, my brothers do, but it wasn't bad, something to read.

    For a free book, Artifacts is pretty decent, don't know if I would want to spend money to continue reading it though...
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    Now, every time and place I checked, I saw no FCBD'10 for Star Wars. Was there one this year?
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    not that i know of for this year.

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    Dark Horse did a Solar/Magnus flip book to promote their upcoming re-launch of the old Gold Key heroes.

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    That's all I saw from DH. Just wanted to make sure, since there's nothing worse than paying later for something that could've been free earlier.
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    Forgot to bump this thread before the day, but there's still time with the sun out for Free Comic Book Day 2011! I got there too late for the SW/Avatar:Airbender flipbook, which was apparently one of the few "out of stock" comics once I arrived.
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    Check out the FCBD website for a list of comics and participating shops. There will be a SW comic again this year, with Han & Chewie.
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    I did get the SW/Serenity flipbook (since I decided to wait in the line earlier, in my superhero guise as Mr. Teacher, complete with speed grading super powers in line ), and there was a hardback "comic" one about a mouse. Here are a few pics. Recall that this nearby store goes all-out for its FCBD event.
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    Here's a few more. I loved how the on-site blood drive through Lifestream was "sponsored" by COBRA (the fliers posted said "Bleed for COBRA" on them); in fact, the GIJoe/COBRA costumes were among the best quality there. There was a wrestling ring (I was impressed at how quickly and safely it was built there), where an anime turtle was pinned (too fast, I thought; turtles need slower 3-counts IMHO ). I loved the "little short for a" stormtrooper guarding the giant jawa. Didn't wait for any artist signings, and their food wasn't quite set up yet (guess that's why I usually get there later, but then some books run out : pickyourpoison: ). Still, it was fun.

    My "costume" was to wear all four colors (i.e. four color printing for comics). Subtle? Silly? Guilty on both.
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