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    Talking New forum member here!

    Hi there Sweden here! My nameís Lars Olsson and I live in Sundsvall, Sweden and Iíve just signed up as a new forum member since Iím a great fan, builder and collector of LEGO Star Wars kits (I like to call them kits) and I really hope that we all will have a great time at this forum talking about our hobby. Iíve been checking out Sir Steveís Star Wars Guide and this forum for a couple of years now but it wasnít until today that I finally decided to sign up at this forum to be able to chat with all you other fan-atics out there on the Internet. As some of you people that hang around other LEGO Star Wars related websites might notice I used to hang out at the ďFrom Bricks to BothansĒ forum a whole lot but I left that place due to several very good reasons so I decided to come here instead which I really hope will be a better experience then the last one I had over there. Anyway...

    A little more about myself... Iím 33 years old/young (soon to be 34 on May the 15th) and I live with my girlfriend Eva and our dog Dixie and our cat Dino in a three room and a kitchen apartment about ten minutes drive from Sundsvall city in a nice and calm area. I usually work a whole lot driving the taxi cab with not too much spare time for my hobbies but I make pretty good $$$ so at least I can afford my hobby and then again I need to pay my girlfriend a little attention everyonce in a while if you guys now what I mean. For many years I did build and collect model/garage kits kits of spaceships, vehicles, weapons, monsters and characters from science fiction, horror and fantasy films and TV and I even had my very own mail order company specializing in importing these to Scandinavia from 1993 to 1998 until my business closed it doors. I used to build and collect LEGO as a child but it wasnít until LEGO released their line of Star Wars kits in 1999 that I deciced to pick up my hobby again and I donít regret it at all because Iím truly amazed with what TLG has created with their bricks.

    Until today Iíve built and collected ďALLĒ the System, Technic, Ultimate Collector Series and Sculptures sets including a few box variations and some sets I got multiples of and most of the sets are on display for viewing on my bookshelf which my nieces enjoy. My main interest however lays in the totally amazing Ultimate Collector Series and Sculptures sets which Iím very found of being a former model kit builder since these basically are of model quality and I truly hope that LEGO will release more of them in the future. Iíve got two X-wing Fighters, two T.I.E. Interceptors, One Yoda Jedi Master, One Rebel Blockade Runner (Iíll be getting at least one more to my girlfriends grief you know) and one Darth Maul Bust in my collection. When it comes to the Episode II kits Iíll of course be buying all of them since I think theyíre really neat but here in Sweden we usually get them around three months after you guys in the US of A do so Iíll have to wait for a while on them. Sigh...

    Hopefully Iíve made a pretty decent introduction of myself for you guys out there and I really hope that weíll have a whole lot of nice conversations and discussions about our hobby so see you guys (and girls) around on this forum!

    Kindest Regards,

    Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    784 must listen carefully......I haven't much time and we're being's your only.....wait....wait, no I....I told him nothi......JESUS GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    -end of transmission-

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    Well, now that that unpleasentness is over,


    We hope you like it here, we try to keep things civil around here, though there are a few hooligans.

    pssst....beware the complimentary basket of duct tape....
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    Hi Sweden, I think you will enjoy your time here.

    I'm not a die hard LEGO collector, but I have several sets and really like them. I do plan to pick up most of the AOTC sets this year. What are your impressions of the recent pics of the first kits?

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    Hey Lars, can I use your post for my dissertation? hehe

    Anyway...have FUN!
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    Welcome to the forums Sweden. I don't collect Lego either that much, but it's nice to see some new blood in the forums. And yes, beware the complimentary basket of duct tape.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Talking Re. New forum member here!

    Emperor Howdy... Youíre way funny.

    Wolfwood319... Yes itís over and Iím ever so happy. Back where I started in the first place. Should have stayed here and signed on instead two years ago. Thanks man.

    Caesar... Thanks! Well... Iím not that overwelmed with the designs of the spaceships and vehicles in EI and EII but the pictures of the LEGO sets from EII looks dandy to me and especially the brand new ďSlave 1Ē made with new parts. The ďJedi Star FighterĒ looks good even if it hasnít the battle mode option like the Hasbro toy and the ďSuper Battle DroidĒ looks really cool but it reminds me of that ďLost in SpaceĒ movie for some reason... The ďRepublic GunshipĒ has some nice features but the design isnít that interesting to me but Iíll be buying it anyway and the rest of the sets looks good as well.

    Deoxyribonucleic... Sounds French to me... LOL Iíll have fun. Thanks.

    JarJarBinks... Thanks and btw... My girlfriend use duct tape on me... Ouch!

    Kindest Regards,

    Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    Welcome aboard Lars! Glad to have a new face in the Lego forum, especially one so enthusiastic about the brick. Pardon some of these guys, they can be rather... silly.

    Thanks for the great questions to ask Lego at Toy Fair.

    I hear England and Denmark (naturally ) get the new SW sets before the US and the rest of the world, so you may want to make friends there who can be of service to your growing collection.

    I myself have mixed reactions to the Lego Republic Gunship - I hate the movie ship's design, but this sucker seems to be a nice departure from the classic Lego school of "System" design, so I can't wait to see what it can do. I had the same reaction to the MTT and I really liked it when I finally got it.

    I'm really interested in using those larger "universal figure" joints on the Super Battle Droid (I believe they're joints like those found on the upcoming Galidor figures and the recent Alpha Team: Mission Deep Sea subs), if these work out, I'm going to beg LEGO to make 12" Jedi figures with those joints for battlin' action.
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    Exclamation Re: New forum member here!

    Thanks JediTricks! Thanks for the great welcome you and all the others gave me and yes even at 33 years Iím very enthusiastic about the brick and what LEGO managed to do with their Star Wars license and yeah Iíll pardon the silly guys... 8)

    Most welcome about the great questions and yeah I know theyíre great!

    Iím not 110% sure about Denmark and England getting the sets first because from what Iíve noticed the US of A always seemed to get all new sets first and when it comes to Sweden we always get new sets three (yes you heard right!) after you do!? 8)

    I totally agree with you on the design of the Republic Gunship and I had the same feelings as you about the MTT being a great fan of vehicles and spaceships like the Class II Power Loader, the U.S.S. Sulaco, the Drop-Ship, the A.P.C. from the Alien Triology to name a few.

    As a new member to this Forum I want to point out a few things about myself to make some things clear to all so that ďmissunderstandings?Ē like the ones that occured at The from Bricks to Bothans Forum donít occur over here... If I donít reply to messages in a hurry please do remember that I got an ordinary life besides being a LEGO enthusiast because I do have a job and I work a whole lot for that matter and I also have a girlfriend that I want to spend time with as well.

    Some may wonder what Iím talking about and Iíll cut a ďVERYĒ long story short... Last year saw the release of the ďDarth Maul BustĒ and the ďRebel Blockade RunnerĒ and these were for a change released here in Europe first. I know for sure (according to what LEGO told me) that I was the first one in the entire world to order and receive the ďDarth Maul BustĒ and I was also the first to see pictures of the early release of the 2002 sets since pictures of them were included in the instruction booklet as they do in most sets.

    I made a post at the From Bricks to Bothans Forum about holding the ďDarth Maul BustĒ in my hands and I also gave a brief preview of it and described all the new 2002 sets by word and then I went to my girlfriend for a few days to build it. At this time I didnít have an especially advanced computer equipment so to my big grief I couldnít make scans of these sets and I didnít know anyone who could do it and I couldnít afford to get them scanned at any computer store due to financial problems back then.

    A few days later I returned back to the From Bricks to Bothans Forum only to discover that people over there had backstabbed me and accused me of being a liar since the official word from a certain ďSenior Vice PresidentĒ at LEGO Direct were that this set wasnít available!? Iíve talked to some employes at LEGO myself and I was told that I knew more about new sets then what they did themselves because their ďbig bossesĒ didnít gave them information and pictures about new sets until the very last minute before the release and that they employes had to download pictures from the LUGNET website to see what they were selling!? Another thing is that thereís a lack of communication inbetween LEGO in the US of A and Denmark which Mr. Tim Saupe was kind enough to confirm himself.

    No one except a few kind people believed in what I had said and I decided to leave the From Bricks to Bothans Forum and I received some e-mail from people who wanted me to stay at the forum since I had a whole lot of good things to say but I decided to leave anyway. Whatís so strange about this is that I had proof in form of an invoice from LEGO that I had paid and received the ďDarth Maul BustĒ from them but still they didnít believe in me. Whatís even stranger is that Mr. Tim Saupe that was so proud about his ďSenior Vice PresidentĒ contact at LEGO direct couldnít get this confirmed at all?

    A few days later other people started to receive the ďDarth Maul BustĒ and scans of it and the early 2002 (not the EII sets I better say) started to show up around the Internet but no one did apologize to me when I was proved right... Iím not 110% sure because I didnít get it confirmed but I think I also were the first one to receive the ďRebel Blockade RunnerĒ but this time I took pictures of it at my girlfriends place and got them scanned at a foto store which I paid a total of $80.00 for and then I did send them to Mr. Tim Saupe but no pictures were to be find on his website... After that I left the Forum...

    I could go on and on about all the arguing that goes on at the From Bricks to Bothans Forum and how the people and Mr. Tim Saupe contradicts themselves but I see no use for that as Iím here to have fun and a great time with you people.

    Today my financial problems are solved and Iíve invested in a computer with an Intel P4 1,7 Ghz Processor, 256 MB SDRAM, 60GB IDE HD, 16x48 DVD-ROM, 16x10x32 CDRW etc and Iíll soon get my scanner delivered to me and Iíve worked hard for this for a long time.

    So if Iím really lucky once again to receive sets and pictures of soon to be released sets that no one seen but heard about Iím really prepared this time and rest assure that this great Forum will be the first one to get those scans. But I doubt Iíll be that lucky again... Or?

    Btw... Iím not out to put anyone down but to make things clear if the above happens again. Then again you have to excuse me if my spellingís bad as Iím writing this in Word which happen to not work properly yet... 8)

    Kindest Regards,

    Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    Hi Sweden,

    I followed your two threads at FBTB's forum, about your Maul Bust adventure, and I read what happened there. Most of the people there are crazy! I cannot understand all this madness about what's new, what's next, what's there and not here. I would rather prefer to have something in my hands (and maybe play with it), than talk and talk about something I cannot have. I understand you prefer to spend the time building LEGO models and with your girlfriend (a Swedish girl! Wow! ), rather than staying on line to answer silly questions from people with no life to live.

    In my opinion SSG's forums are the best around (especially the MicroMachines forum, where I found real friends! :happy: ) and I hope you will find here nice people like I did.



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