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    Question Why Not?

    What I don't understand is why Hasbro is not making the ROTJ Jabba the Hutt. They know the fans want it and that we will buy it. If they put it on a fan choice, it would win without any question. (That's what I think)
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    well, I'd love the next deluxe line to include:

    Ephant Mon w/ Bubo!

    Gargan - with huge amounts of articulation!

    Hermie Odel - hey, this would end a sort of Jabba aliens triumvirate! How better a way to compliment Amanaman and Ephant Mon with anything other than Odel himself!

    An all new Darth Vader w/ Rem helmet - as cool as this POTF2 version is/was, a newer, more deluxe version would kick butt. Have the helmet separate in two places: dome and inner mask - like in the movie and on the 12"er. Include massive articulation at the: neck, arms, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, and knees... give him a saber with rem handle and blade and a little hook when your Vader fig is not in the middle of a lightsaber duel!

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    Tatooine Luke with moisture vaporator

    Ewok with Stormtrooper helmet Xylophone

    Bespin Han Solo with interrogation chair

    Ephant Mon Fan favorite #3

    ...and for god's sakes Hasbro...PLEASE give us a Super Deluxe Jabba!!!
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    I would like to see C3PO in his "Flying" chair with a couple of Ewoks included.

    The 2nd Deluxe I would like to have is a Cantina table with 2 Cantina Aliens that never make it to the blister. That'll be very cool

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    Lightbulb Just some more ideas.....

    1. The Emperor relaxing in his chair, with that giant window behind him. A small section of stairs for Luke and Vader to stand before him.

    2. General Madine with Rebel Briefing Room holo-projector. With spaces for Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma. It'd be cool if Hasbro could somehow simulate a hologram of the incomplete Death Star without making a giant chunk of clear plastic sitting on the projector; but that would probably require some kind of electronics.

    3. Admiral Ackbar with his command chair on the Mon Calamari ship.
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    C-3po on his wooden chair with A couple of Ewoks

    Captured r2-d2 in wooden harness with a couple of Ewoks

    Captured Han Solo,Luke Skywalker,Chewbacca attached to the log that the Ewoks tie them to
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    So what are you trying to say, GNT?

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    I like a lot of these ideas, but something like a Han with a dead Taun Taun AND unconscious Luke or a Jabba would be too big. I think the Bacta Luke is about as big a toy we're gonna get in this assortment.

    My hopes are:

    1. Seated Queen Amidala. (Any one of the outfits or thrones would be cool. Theed would be my favorite, but we just got that one in a standing position.)

    2. The vendor (Is it Gragra, or Swokes Swokes?) from Episode I.

    3. Toryn Farr OR Rieeken with the console or sgreen from Echo Base.

    4. Kick-*** Emperor with a cloth cape and throne, able to stand and sit and including lighting bolts.

    5. Ewok two-pack with catapult (and maybe another with a new Glider?)

    For a Super Deluxe Line, Jabba would be a must and also I would add a dianoga with a Trash Compactor and lots of trash. (Plastic trash, not that foam nonsense!)

    I don't see why everyone wants to include two or three figure with Jabba and with other things. Would Hasbro actually do this? And if they did, don't you think the price would get jacked up? And is it really necessary? Especially when people suggest resculpts, I have to disagree.

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    You know if good 'ol JediCole worked for Hasbro the Star Wars universe would be A better place! I would have to go with Nute Gunray with his nifty walking thrown! or the walking projector with Sidous holo!
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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    So what are you trying to say, GNT?
    That I'd like to see them made
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