Well, we all now know that Ephant Mon won the Fan's Choice #3 poll and that means we can expect a second wave of Deluxe figures in our future. What three characters do you think need the Deluxe treatment to join Ephant Mon in the second wave (assuming Hasbro repeats a four figure cycyle)?

Here are my picks for those characters that would best complement Ephant Mon and give us some much needed figures and accessories:

Death Star Gunner - I'm not the first to suggest as much, but if the new Princess Leia shows us anything, it is that a carded figure with a huge gun is a possibility. Naturally this new incarnation would feature articulated knees to sit at the controls of his gun. I think a vital further adaptation would be articulated elbows and biceps like the new Imperial Officer. This would give a greater range of poseability at the controls.

Queen Amidala (Theed Throne) - I've offered this one up before, but I suggest that the approach taken should be the same as that with the Emperor in the Cinema Scene pack, permanantly seated. If you just have to have Queen Amidala watching pensively at the window as Battle Droids and tanks fill the public avenue, I suggest you get out and buy one of the readily available Theed Throne Room Amidalas that presently litter the store pegs. The throne for this figure would feature a slide-back panel to reveal a compartment containing a pair of stubby pistols for Amidala and Panaka to foil Nute Gunray's nefarious plans. The set would be rounded out with the large, circular view screen featuring the Trade Federation Viceroy's image on one side and the mysterious swirl pattern on the other (so you don't always have to look at Gunray's ugly mug).

Torryn Farr - She's the communications officer of the Hoth Rebel base and in need of a figure. Her accessories would include a removeable headset which is tethered to a command console (preferably with string for greater flexability) which is complete with at least one chair. Ms. Farr's legs would of course be jointed at the knee for sitting. And the translucent blue command screen would finish out the set, complete with a tethered pointer so Torrynn or K-3PO could monitor potential activity in the system.

Well, there you have it, my wish list for wave three. Remember, Ephant Mon counts as the fourth figure in the wave because we know he is coming. And no, I did not forget Hermie Odle, I just felt he is an obvious choice for the Deluxe line. I wanted to look at other types of characters who's accessories do as much to define their presence in this line as Ephant Mon's ponderous bulk. Do you agree with these choices? Do you have any of your own? Come on, help me let Hasbro know what we want with our Ephant Mon!