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    Which Star Wars character needs the most therapy?

    The go-to character is Anakin, with the god-awful Hayd-akin incarnation providing multiple bipolar personalities within single scenes...

    But who else would be a candidate for the couch? Old Ben has some failure issues to deal with, even in ghost world. ROTJ leaves Leia's character smiling, but underneath, she's got daddy/torture issues that will definitely come up later on. Luke faced the dragon, but he did get a smooch from sis and had the hots for her for awhile. Threepio is a wound up ball of New York City angst.

    Anybody else?
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    Well, Palpatine/Sidious definitely has some issues. At the very least, he'd make for a good graduate study subject.

    Manipulative, power-hungry, possibly psychotic. Definitely has little regard for life; willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goals. I guess he's a sociopath, though I'm not exactly sure of the definition.

    He's come to admire power and control. Perhaps he sees his brutality and ruthlessness as valuable personal traits; and when refined with, say, cunning and subtlety and patience, he sees himself as a nearly unstoppable force in the universe.

    Heck, maybe Sidious was so far gone that no amount of therapy could help him to function in harmony with society...

    Okay, bad example. Never mind.

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    Lando. The guy's an alcoholic poon hound.
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    Definitely Padme

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Luke with father abondonment issues.
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    Lobot: the dude had to be lobotamized and equipped with computer-controlled-brain-monitors in order to help him deal with his hair loss. I rest my case.
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    Boba Fett....saw Daddy get de-helmeted by a black jedi so he's probably a racist, no known mother figure so he probably is closet gay, millions of half-wit clone 'brothers' so he probably has severe middle child issues...and worst of all, he has to have a Diva complex with all the overated love he gets from us fans....
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    Jar-Jar Binks. He's never been the same since crashin' the Boss' heyblibber.

    If it's across the whole EU, than Mara Jade as written by KJA. She loses all her strength and becomes a vapid waste.
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    Anakin's father could use some therapy.....
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