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    Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed on History Channel

    Just caught an ad on TV for this special that premieres on Memorial Day. There's a page at the History Channel website, but not much info there yet.

    The story of Anakin Skywalker's descent into darkness and his son Luke's quest to conquer evil has spellbound audiences for 30 years. The reason for this is simple: the saga of Star Wars is universal and firmly rooted in the mythology and the political history of the entire planet. May 2007 will mark the 30th anniversary of George Lucas' space fantasy that grossed billions worldwide. For the first time take a profound look at the serious subtext behind Lucas' six film milestone. The influence of ancient mythology from Greek legends to King Arthur is visible; but also more recent historical influences, from the political rise of Napoleon to the machinations of Adolf Hitler can be seen.
    The ad I saw showed footage from the ESB duel interspersed with two samurai dueling. It looks like it will be quite cool. There have been books on the subject, but to actually see it on TV should be a different experience altogether.
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    They actually showed the Samurai commercial for this before Spider-man 3.
    Pretty funny and it was probably the only time I wasn't mad at a commercial before a movie.
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    I hope it's got new material, I've seen a few too many of these TV documentaries about SW over the past few years that have felt the same.

    I just posted it in the news, thanks for the heads-up.
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    I set my DVR as soon as I saw the commercial. It looks fairly cool just from that preview.
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    History Channel's "Legacy"

    Gonna watch this tonight, then see if like many a HC program, it'll be available as a VHS/DVD after. Maybe there'll be outtakes, where a historian mentions the influence of the Japanese 'Samneric,' when he really means 'samurai,' then gives a hilarious allusion to William Golding's Lord of the Flies. Ah... can't wait.
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    I hope they have a DVD available of it afterwards.

    I'm more than willing to drop some cash on it, after seeing the commercials.

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    I have the DVR on standby. It's our son's 18th birthday today (user name cirrostratus on the boards....he's hardly posted), so I'll miss it firsthand.

    A night of revelry is ahead (as well as a melted MasterCard......dinner for 10 at a Japanese restaurant)!
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    Just reminding everyone that it's on tonight.
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    The Tech show for the hour before Legacy looked cool...I only caught bits of it, will watch it on tape later.


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