Crap. Crap, crap, crap.

Every year John Williams plays one or two shows at the Hollywood Bowl, usually in July or August. I was planning on going back to LA (I now live in Utah) to visit my folks when I realized I may be able to see the show. Come to find out he already gave his performance in the middle of July.

According to the schedule he played some of his older work ('The Cowboys') and some newer stuff, including the theme from A.I. His shows are always excellent and he has been known to throw in one or two encores of his most popular work (usually ET, Raiders, or SW).

Did anyone from SSG go or know someone who did? This is the second year I've missed it. I vow to never to miss it again because it really is the best thing next to actually going to a SW movie screening. I would like to know if he made any hint at all as to the EP2 score. I went to his show in 98, the summer before EP1 came out and he kind of hinted at the new movie, but very vaguely.

If you're interested in the show summary, click the link below...