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    CIV chatter and revelations (Merged thread) ALL CIV Hasbro stuff goes here!

    just found these pics over at looks like they were able to get some pics of the Hasbro stuff before getting kicked out. the pics are very blurry and I'm sure we will get better ones this weekend but here's what I was able to get:
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Fuzzy, but very cool stuff DA! Han torture rack looks pretty cool, but 4-LOM (that is 4-LOM, right?!) looks the same to me.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    COIV Chatter and revelations.

    Wow, just the quick blurb from RS about some of the
    new stuff not everyone has heard of yet is amazing.

    Here's their link on the Hasbro stuff (I'll just post
    about certain ones I am really looking for ward to or
    are new):

    Wave 6:
    Han Solo (Bespin Torture Rack) with multiple torsos
    (It's about time! Awesome)
    Lando Calrissian (Smuggler) This was an easy custom
    for me, but I imagine I'll still get it.
    Rebel General McQuarrie (Hoth Trooper with McQuarie
    likeness) Very cool. Glad to have another Rebel
    commander and I'll probably get a couple of him to use
    for customs, namely the Yavin war room scene.
    McQuarrie Concept Snowtrooper-excellnt. I can't recall
    what the concept one looks like at the moment though

    Wave 7:
    A-Wing Pilot (Tycho Celchu)-Nice, so Tycho finally
    gets a figure.
    Ewoks 2-pack (NO wokling...that's next year) Okay
    sure. We can use more Ewoks. Was hoping for a wokling
    but no biggie
    McQuarrie Concept Han Solo-Another great in the McLine

    Wave 8:
    Clone Wars Clone Trooper (muddy deco w/ SOFT GOODS
    poncho) Is this one from Commander Faie's brigade?
    Rebel Vanguard (from Star Wars: Battlefront) - Nice, a
    little late, but nice.
    Pax Bonkik (Rodian Podracer Mechanic) WHO??

    Comic Packs
    A'sharad Hett & The Dark Woman (Star Wars: Republic)
    Mara jade & Luke Skywalker (Star Wars: Heir to the
    Empire) Ok good for Mara.
    Bultar Swan & Koffi Arana (Star Wars: Purge)
    Excellent, glad to get a Bultar fig.
    Baron Fel & X-Wing Pilot (Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue
    Squadron) Cool, glad to finally get Baron Fel

    Exclusive Figures
    Concept Obi-Wan Kenobi & Yoda 2-pack (SDCC) Well this
    bites! Damn...was hoping to get the whole line and the
    SDCC exclusives are going to make it that much harder.
    501st Legion R2-KT (SDCC) ???
    Shadow Scout on Speeder Bike (SDCC) This sounds very
    interesting. Again though, grrr, exclusive...
    Concept General Grievous with shield from the Clone
    Wars ?? anyone have a pic of what this is supposed to
    look like?

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring
    YEAH!!! Hyperspace ring!!!
    Y-Wing Fighter (yellow deco with pilot and R5
    non-removeble astromech droid) Glad they are reissuing
    this. I got one way back when, but I wanted three of
    them. Hopefully they will be easier to find this go
    ARC-170 Starfighter (Clone Wars deco) Cool. I like the
    concept of this.

    Battle Packs
    ARC-170 Battle Pack - (Clone Trooper, 2 Pilots, Red &
    Blue Astromech) Okay, if you need the figs to fill up
    your ARCs. I'm covered on the pilots. Might hae to get
    this for the Astormech droids though.
    "Wampa Attack" - Wampa, Tauntaun, Luke Hoth I'll pass
    on this most likely, but it may just sell well. It's
    been a few years for either the Tauntaun or Wampa.

    C4: Hasbro Galactic Heroes & Unleashed Battle Packs
    Several exclusive "cinema scenes," featuring
    characters from the Mos Eisely cantina, in which two
    of the packages will fit together to form a complete
    scene...and one of them includes a light-up base with
    music! I like the idea of sets being able to fit
    together. MODULAR to a point. Now if they'd only do
    that with the 3 3/4 in line.

    Figures include all of the members of the Modal Nodes
    (including Lirin Carn!), blue Snaggetooth, Jabba the
    Hutt, Bib Fortuna, Qui-Gon Jinn, Jar Jar Binks, Luke
    Skywalker (Jabba's Palace), and more! Some nice
    choices there!

    On the Unleashed Battle Packs front, looks for new
    sets featuring Commander Bacara and his Galactic
    Marines and Mace Windu's BMF Clone Trooper Battalion!
    Awesome. I'll get these for sure.

    Well that's as brief as I could be, sorry for the long

    Anyway, lots of good things announced already from
    CIV. Heh, much more money being spent. I can here the
    cash registers ringing already.

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    I like the look of that ESB wave so far, even though the pictures are a little blurry. I'm super excited for a new 4-LOM. The six ESB bounty hunters have always been some of the coolest characters in Star Wars IMO, so I won't rest until we have high-quality, super-articulated remakes of all of them. Right now it looks like 4 down (Fett, Bossk, IG-88, 4-LOM) and two to go (Dengar and Zuckuss).

    Smuggler Lando looks a little like he's wearing the puffy shirt from that Seinfeld episode.

    I would rather get a neutral, SA Bespin Han Solo; but we'll see how the torture rack thing turns out.
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    We already got a Dengar remake, with the backpack back in 2004.

    Barring a VOTC version, I doubt we'll see a third one in the basic line. Only Zuckuss has been released just once.
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    I don't read the article to say the taller Grievous is an exclusive.

    I am pleased about the Galactic Heroes news. Jabba, Bib, Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, great! Why can't we get Lirin Carn in the basic line? (Though a custom would be easy, maybe putting a Bith head on the POTJ Obi-wan where he isn't wearing his outer robe...)

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    I hope R2-KT isn't too expensive on Ebay, because I haven't missed an astromech yet and don't intend to.
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    A Galactic Heroes Jar Jar Binks?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tagmac View Post
    We already got a Dengar remake, with the backpack back in 2004.

    Barring a VOTC version, I doubt we'll see a third one in the basic line. Only Zuckuss has been released just once.
    I was talking about a super-articulated Dengar; but if we never get another one, then I'm content with that figure.

    I was kind of hoping that they were saving 4-LOM and Zuckuss for the "vintage-style" line. Now Hasbro can't replicate the swapped-name error of the vintage line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    A Galactic Heroes Jar Jar Binks?

    Hey! Where have you been? You haven't posted in nearly a year!


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