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    Celebration figures

    Can somebody help me out with this question? Are the McQuarrie figures from the Celebration going to be available at or I could have sworn that I read that somewhere. If so, anybody know when?

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    Nevermind.....should have checked the end of the celebration thread first.

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    Where was it? I don't see where it's mentioned.
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    The droids are or were available at the other day. They may still be in-stock.
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    I just got word from a fellow collecting bud who ordered the Luke off of He had to talk to two people and eventually got a supervisor. That supervisor said they would send him some $3 off coupons to be used in store only.

    So before you hang up with them, if you call, ask to at least get some coupons for your trouble (since it was their mistake). It's just as good as the next thing.

    And it's not like we aren't going to shop for toys again...

    Not a perfect solution, but you get your money back in some form at least.

    Move along, move along


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