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    Hey guys!
    I know its been awhile.. I was crusin around and caught a pic of this thing and had to come here. Looks pretty great to me- I just might have to get it. Could look really great with a set up of clones.. or an ATTE perhaps?
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    Yup, definitely looks pretty cool, I look forward to getting one or two. Hopefully since it looks quite large (considering it holds two figures inside the body) it means Hasbro is seriously looking at the AT-TE. Especially since it's basically the rear of an AT-TE with a couple huge guns added and a center leg.

    I'm visualizing a wonderful display with 2-3 AT-TPs, an AT-TE and several AT-RTs.
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    Considering the AT-TE will be featured in the new Clone Wars cartoon, I think it's a virtual certainty that Hasbro will make this vehicle. They've recently said that it's near the top of their wishlist, but they were waiting to see if it would be featured in the cartoon.
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    Put me down for 3 of these. Excellente!

    1. Fallucia
    2. Mygeeto
    3. Expanded Universe: Dark Force Rising - Han and Luke use one to cut down stormtroopers aboard a Katana Dreadnaught (part of the Thrawn series)**.

    ** There is some issue if that is an AT-PT and the Clone Wars use AT-TP's. Supposedly there is a difference. I'd need the updated Essential Guide book to figure it out perhaps. Or maybe it's on wookieepedia or
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    put me down for three, love this design can't wait to get a few. I just wonder how big it is, is it the same size the AT-RT or the AT-ST ?
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    This looks awesome. I was also readeing about the potential difference between the AT-PT and AT-TP, but for my use. This sure looked liek what I saw in E3 for the bried 3 seconds and likewise will work out just fine for my use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    put me down for three, love this design can't wait to get a few. I just wonder how big it is, is it the same size the AT-RT or the AT-ST ?
    First let's get the nickname for this right. It's the "Pod walker."

    The toy is definitely undersized. I think Hasbro's thinking is that we will just deal with it and be happy that they even came out with it.

    It should be bigger and taller. It should be three times as tall as the AT-RT.

    Here's the proof of it from the official site. (3.2M tall) (10.97M tall)

    The AT-AT is 15.5M tall so that puts the Pod Walker 2/3 the height roughly.

    It appears that Hasbro made it just sligthly larger than the AT-RT. And you know what? I'll deal.... You know they won't make it again and the right scale. So why bother arguing the point.

    I'll get three of these if they are $25 or less.

    Good vehicle, so-so execution. Price remains to be seen. I do think it will go over well at retail and won't last too long on shelves.

    So now the question becomes: How big do you think the AT-TE is supposed to be when Hasbro eventually gets around to it?

    Giving toy scale sizes, I think nearly everyone would be happy with an AT-TE that is the same size as the AT-AT only half as tall. The pricepoint is the sticking point here. If Zizzle can make a Black Pearl playset for $60, then Hasbro should darn well be able to do the same thing for the AT-TE. Especially consdiering there will be more opportunity for multiple purchases for this ship vs the Black Pearl for instance.

    At the size I gave is what is done then I can see the pricepoint being $60-80. At $60 I'd buy 3. At $80 I'd only buy 2.

    Hasbro please be REASONABLE with the pricepopint here. You CAN do it.

    Besides, you (Hasbro) have been promising this to us for years now. You first said if it had a role in ROTS you'd make it. It did and you didn't. Then you said, well if it was in the cartoon you'd make it. It did and you didn't. Now you've said well if it's in the CG show you would. It is....will you now???

    Please do not disappoint us on the vehicle. The AT-TE is far and away the most desired ground vehicle from Star Wars to be made into a toy.

    I ran a poll here and it clearly won. In each tier that is was in it consistently beat out the competing ship by a BIG margin.

    The AT-TE MUST be done.

    Okay to the size of the ship more specifically and what it should include:
    • Same size as AT-AT (half the height)
    • Rotating cannon on top that can fit the AT-TE gunner (makes sense don't you think)
    • ALL six ball turret (4 in front and 2 in back) can rotate fully-If LEGO can do it so can Hasbro)
    • Opening cockpit to hold two drivers.
    • Mid-section panels come off to hold at least four clones
    • Rear section panels come off to hold two clones.
    • all six legs are fully articulated
    • between the three sections (the hips if you will) should be able to pivot slightly

    Things the set could have (but would make it more expensive so are not really neccessary):
    • Electronics
    • Two exclusive AT-TE driver figures

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    If the Black Pearl could be compared to ANY lack of Star Wars product, it is by far closest by way of example to Jabba's Sailbarge!!!

    That is not to say I would be one of the first to buy an AT-TE which I really want badly, but Jabba must have his ride!
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    Regarding size, the AT-TP looks to be about the same size as Hasbro's AT-ST, maybe a little bit bigger. It'll probably cost somewhere around $30.
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    Yup, defintely put me down as purchasing one of these bad boys.
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