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    Wes Janson figure in 2008?

    i read the site about a Wes Janson figure in 2008

    we have to talk to hasbro about making an all new sculpt wes janson figure

    ball jointed neck/shoulders/torso/elbows/knees/ankles
    swivel forearms/hips
    all new sculpt removable helmet (chin strap) w/working visor

    we all have to get hasbro to make wes in all the feature I listed!

    no matter how much the fans want it or not still wes needs a all new sculpt!

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    If they're making him next year, I guarantee you it would be an all-new sculpt. So there's nothing to talk to Hasbro about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Grievous View Post
    If they're making him next year, I guarantee you it would be an all-new sculpt. So there's nothing to talk to Hasbro about.
    I can talk to hasbro when I meet them someday!

    if they make him in all new sculpt, it will sell very well!

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    They are making Derek "Hobbie" Klivian first in a Rogue Squadron comic 2-pack. He comes in X-wing (not Snowspeeder) gear however, packed with TIE Pilot Baron Fel and a comic book to get you interested in Rogue Squadron's story (great comics written by Michael Stackpole, btw).

    Here's Hobbie and Baron Soontir Fel.

    Here's a close-up of Hobbie I wish I could see a shot of him with his helmet off. You can't tell much about the face sculpt from this picture.

    It looks like they are using the Dutch Vandor body for him again. Or maybe not. But is that Hobbie's helmet? It looks like Dutch Vandors as well. I'm not sure though.

    In Empire Strikes Back, I think the only time you see Hobbie clearly is when he asks Princess Leia, "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?" when Rogue Squadron is being briefed before the Battle of Hoth. His helmet is not on and it is under his arm. I've never really looked carefully at what it looks like.

    Janson has blue Rebel Alliance crests on his helmet, I believe. Hobbie is blonde I think. Janson has brown hair. You see Janson in the same scene with Leia - though I think his helmet is on, and when he's the tail-gunner for Wedge and they bring the AT-AT down and the "Good shot, Janson!" line is uttered.

    Anyway, if they are making Hobbie, they'll make Janson. At least for the Rogue Squadron figures. They mostly wear the black gloves and boots of X-wing pilots as they appear in the comics. Movie figures would have white Hoth gear (simple enough repaints though).
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    Yeah, Hobbie is the Dutch Vander body yet again.

    The new A-wing pilot is to be Tycho Celchu, so anything's possible.
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