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    we need ALL NEW SCULPT X-Wing Pilot figures!

    Dear Hasbro

    please I don't want to see a dutch vander mold to create other pilots.

    what I want to see all new sculpt x wing fighter pilot figures

    ball jointed neck
    ball jointed shoulders/elbows
    ball jointed torso
    ball jointed knees/ankles
    swivel forearms
    swivel hips

    removable helmet (same luke VTSC mold)
    blaster gun

    if you make this figure in all new sculpt it will sell very well and it would be fair if a x wing pilot needs all the ball jointed feature on figure just like the upcoming a wing pilot, death star trooper, rebel honor guard and the rest of them that the ball jointed parts on body.

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    Sure... why not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    Sure... why not?
    they can use it for to make a SA dutch vander with retooled head for ball jointed, wedge antilles and biggs darklighter.

    I say Dutch Vander should of get all the SA the ball jointed on figure!

    the tie fighter pilot too! in the vintage style

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    The ball joints weren't common when Dutch was made, which is why he doesn't have them. He's a perfectly adequate sculpt. A guy who sits in a cockpit and blows up doesn't need ball-joints, especially when there's a tendency for them to look crappy (like on the new Luke and Han figures).
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    I'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to articulation. If one figure has a certain amount of articulation, then every figure needs to have the same or equivalent articulation. That's how it was for the vintage GI Joe line and the vintage Star Wars line (with the Star Wars line making exceptions for odd character body/head shapes).

    Some people might want to do more with their pilot figures than just cram them in a cockpit and never touch them again. We're not all diorama builders.
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    I got an idea!

    why they can use the dutch body and retool the parts on

    the arms to be ball jointed shoulders and elbows, swivel forearms
    torso will be added with a ball jointed neck/head
    feet (ball jointed knees) needs tooling on ball jointed ankles

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    HEy Mike, good to see you here.

    The thing with the retools you listed is making a whole new figure. Either way they would need to make a new one.
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    The knees between Vander's body and VotC luke are interchangeable. It makes about a 2mm difference in height, but given hair and neck post lengths, that can generate a lot of height diversity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    HEy Mike, good to see you here.

    The thing with the retools you listed is making a whole new figure. Either way they would need to make a new one.
    hey Josh, glad you made it!

    I look up two SW figures from ANH a luke x wing (VTSC) and biggs x wing (TAC), biggs is taller then luke.

    maybe they got to retool the dutch vander mold by making new arms for ball jointed shoulders and elbows, torso needs retooling for ball jointed neck, new lower legs for ball jointed knees and ankles.

    I just post a pic somewhere in this board.

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    Hehe. He's got you and me confused, KH. I think you should post something really insane now that will drive JT and Guyute crazy, and then I'll chime in and complain about it.
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