This might sound pretty freaking ridiculous, so I'll just ask.

There's a commercial out now for some weight loss product (Weight Watchers, I think, but who the hell knows?) that is playing a cover of the Swinging Blue Jeans' "Hippy Hippy Shake." The voice sounds like Joan Osborne, who'd be pretty tough to imitate. Does anyone know if that is indeed her, and, if so, has this song ever been released anywhere? I can't find jacksquat from any source I have.

Yeah, I feel retarded for asking about a song from some product that's based on an entirely unrealistic standard of beauty, especially when it's likely sung by one of the ugliest looking women who ever lived.

Ugly... but strangely so incredibly hot at the same time. (Weird, isn't it?)

(Joan Osborne is tied with Joan Jett as "The Coolest Damned Bisexual Female Rock Singer Named Joan.")