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    Booo to Hasbro for their "here is your cupon, but we will not honor it", scheme. I think Hasbro should take the hit on this one, and show that they actually care about their customers.
    Allowing a cupon to go through check out, then not honoring later it is deceitful and bad business. To make matters worse, they require you to phone in your "approval" on thier change or have your order cancelled. There are a lot of us who obviously love Star Wars and the merchandise it has generated. We all are willing to spend our hard earned money, (on what some might call plastic junk), to a point. So why risk alienating your base market? Why not just take one for the team? The email that went out could have said:
    Dear Customer;
    Your recent purchase of "..." was not actually valid with the cupon code you used. However since this was our mistake we will honor this cupon. Please enjoy your purchase and your 25% discout and free shipping as a thank you for your continued support of our brand.

    But instead we get:
    If you don't call we use to ok the voided cupon we will cancel your order.

    Way to go guys.

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    To be fair... like JT said, the flyer with the 25% code and free shipping apperantly does indeed say it's not valid on the McQuarrie Luke Skywalker. So yeah, it's a bit of a mess and they should have just waited for the coupon to expire before offering the Luke's on the website. But from a legal standpoint, they're free and clear in this case.

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    The flyer most of us didn't even see though. If I take a physical coupon into a store and use it, if I don't read the fine print it's up to the clerk to verify it's valid, not me, and if he clears it and then realizes his mistake, he's not going to be able to chase me down in the parking lot and give him the difference - the transaction is done. They had 2 very solid outs here, they could have programmed their system to not allow the code's use when that item was ordered, or they could just wait until 5-29 when the code was expired to sell the figure - they did neither and now have a made a huge PR blunder I think. I think it would have been wise if they had just split the difference and eaten the shipping on this while not given 25% off.
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