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    I was just perusing the sticker sheet from the figure stands 40 pack and was startled to see that Fixer has a sticker. Lukes mate Fixer. from the same deleted scene as Biggs in academy uniform. I can't really take that in. someone say it was a joke by hasbro or a misprint.

    are we really getting a second Tosche station dweller for farmboy Luke to attack with his legions of really bad clones? Will fixer have his modified XP-34 landspeeder with the five engines? That Camie and Deak are gonna happen too?

    no no someone slap me I'm getting hysterical here.

    Fixer huh.............? Hmmmmmm.

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    That is EXACTLY what I thought, but one of the figures like Scorch is oddly also named Fixer.

    One of the characters from Republic Commado:

    RC-1138 (Delta Three-Eight or "Boss")
    RC-1140 (Delta Four-Oh or "Fixer")
    RC-1207 (Delta Oh-Seven or "Sev")
    RC-1262 (Delta Six-Two or "Scorch")

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    Fixer the clone is a lot more likely - but less interesting somehow. I've watched that long deleted Luke on Tatooine bit, but don't recall Fixer. Was he a character in the book?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason View Post
    Fixer the clone is a lot more likely - but less interesting somehow. I've watched that long deleted Luke on Tatooine bit, but don't recall Fixer. Was he a character in the book?
    Here is a link to Laze Loneozner, better known as "Fixer".

    Here is the Republic Commando.

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    Oooooh cruel world how you mock me with with your duplicitous nature........

    ok so I reckon it's about time we got Fixer though. Him and Deak and Camie and that five engined speeder.


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    It's similar to whenever they announce a new Mace and I get excited hoping it's a figure of Cindel's brother...but it turns out to just be another Master Windu.

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    Oh say it isn't so! I was hoping this was Luke's friend from the deleted scene. Bummer.
    Ed S.

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    Actually, I would LOVE a Fixer figure. Luke's friend that is. A Camie and Deak set would be sweet too. The more Tatooine dwellers the better. Would be great background characters for scene building also.
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    Fixer camie Deak and Windy would make a sweet exclusive. not that I condone exclusives but in this case i think it would have to be. just an old fashioned cinema scene set. throw in Biggs as well and a Luke because you just know they would. give it a tosche station interior backdrop and bingo.

    although, I can't ever recall seeing any pics of Deak and windy like costume reference shots. the only image i have is a still from the cut footage looking past camie and fixer through the partition wall window to biggs deak and windy playing pool. anyone ever seen pics of deak and windy? anyone know who played them?

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    oooh i just thought, the deleted scenes were included in the Marvel comic adaptation. technically Fixer, Camie deak and Windy could fit into that criteria. Two comics 2-packs. Or at the very least the Fixer and Camie one with issue one or two of the marvel comic. Give fixer a couple of engineering tools and maybe one of the little crate things from around the back of Tosche station. Camie doesn't really need to come with any accessories.

    Incidentally I grabbed this image of Deak and Windy does anyone have a better copy? or can grab one with whizzy software? I only have PowerDVD by cyberlink and it doesn't really facilitate decent screen grabs. Or are there behind the scenes pics of the two dudes somewhere?


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