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    Thumbs up Paris Hilton goes back to jail! YEA!!!!!!

    The stupid, useless pile of "that's hot" flesh is headed back to the lock-up. Thank goodness for that! I would've had so little confidence in the justice system if she'd gotten a lighter sentence. I mean, really... send her back to her house? What could she possibly not have in her 4-bedroom, 3-bath house to keep her entertained for a month?

    The part I like best is how she was hysterical and in tears and yelling "Mom!!!" and "It's not right!!!" in the courtroom. That brings me joy. Yeah, I'm a mean old man and I really don't give a toss! HA!
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    Here's a full article for anyone-

    I've been trying not to pay attention but the Judge is just too awesome, this whole thing has just shown paris hilton for what she truly is- a spoiled brat. Definitely glad she's not getting her way, I do kind of wish they had extended her sentence for all the bullcrap she's been leading them through, but at least she has to serve the entire length now.
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    I'm just surprised that a crap story like this gets so much publicity. It's on every news channel for pete's sake.
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    Awesome stuff. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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    In a word, Yay!! Every once in a while, the Justice System works.

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    Various media reports are saying that Paris Hilton has gone to the USC Medical Center. This is the hospital used by LA County Jail. Sources inside the courtroom at her sentencing say Paris was visibly shaking and seemed to be in need of medical care. In a related story, I basked in my freedom by enjoying a snow cone. Then I picked some flowers, hit a game winning home run, and kissed a beautiful girl as the waves crashed around us.
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    Until she gets a couple of million for penning an article about her experience behind bars, then gets even more money for recording a rap album to exploit her newfound street cred.
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    GOOD!! She needs to go back! In fact, I think they should throw her in General population for the duration of her stay . . .let her know what "serving hard time" is really about . . not the cushy stay she's gonna have . . . I'm glad she's going back . . maybe it will wake the little "princess" up!
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    Thank god.

    Maybe if we get lucky, she'll starve herself in prison.

    Seriously, she's a monster.
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