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    Exactly which two Ewoks are we getting?

    I've been looking at the CIV photos of the upcoming Ewok 2-pack and, even though I'm super-stoked to just be seeing new Ewok figures, I can't really figure out which 2 Ewoks those are supposed to be.

    Are they remakes of the vintage figures? If so, then one of them looks like Lumat and the other one looks to be Romba, based on his coloration and accessories.

    Or are these all new Ewoks? Either way, like I mentioned before, I'm just overjoyed to be seeing new Ewoks - the baddest little furballs in the galaxy.

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    The one on the right is definitely Romba. I think the one on the left is Warok. I'm just judging from these pictures...


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    check out the sticker sheet from the figure stands 40 pack. there's a label there. Lumat and Romba.

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    I'd just be happy getting a village to go along with them!
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    Thanks, so now we just need Warok, along with resculpts of Paploo, Wicket and Logray.

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    They are indeed Lumat and Romba, as Jargo said. Romba is the one on the right, and is based on the same character that the vintage Romba was. Lumat has been retconned into being a different Ewok than he was in 1983 for some reason, and the new figure reflects the new version. Look on the Wookieepedia for pictures.

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    I am not a real fan of Ewoks, but I do like how Hasbro releases just a few every other year - the ones we get looks really badass now!

    I hate to say this, but we need a Wicket resculpt! The modern Hasbro one is not good!
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    Why the hell would anyone retcon anything to do with an Ewok ?


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    I dont care as long as we get more Ewoks
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    After this, they should definitely focus on a Wicket resculpt.
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