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    question about my laptop

    I was wondering if there was a way to hook my laptop up to my TV where I see what is on my laptop screen on my TV. I was told there was and was wondering if you guys knew what I needed to do so. My laptop is a HP Pavillion dv2000. My TV is a samsung flatscreen HDTV. Any help would be great.
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    Does your laptop have an S-Video output (most do)?

    If so, that's one of the ways to connect it to your tv. I'm assuming your TV has an S-Video input since it's an HDTV, it should have atleast one anyways. So just buy an S-Video cable to connect the two. On your laptop there is either going to be a button that you press somewhere on the keypad, to tell your laptop that you are going to change displays, or you can access that option through your Display Properties (right click on your desktop and select Properties), Under Settings and Display. You can also click Advanced and do it that way if you need/have to, there are a lot more options there to tweak and configure your graphics card/settings/displays.

    If your TV doesn't have S-Video you can still use the S-video out on your laptop and purchase a S-video to RCA adapter which will plug into one of the Composite (Yellow) RCA style inputs on the tv.

    If your Samsung HDTV is PC compatible (like mine), then it will have a VGA DB15 input, looks like your regular monitor connection, blue in color. Then you can just get a Monitor cable and connect the two that way. You still have to configure it similarly like you would when using the S-Video connection. I have my desktop and laptop hooked up this way, and its works really well. Fairly simple to set up too. I've found that this is the best way, but your tv has to PC Compatible.

    If you want audio too, you can buy a 1/8" to Left/Right RCA cable as well and run out of the headphone jack into the Tv's Audio Input associated with the S-Video Input, the VGA input or RCA input (depending on how you hook your video up).

    If all else fails, you can always buy another piece of equipment that will convert the VGA output on the laptop to Composite Video (RCA), S-Video, Component, etc., but those are rather costly, especially when compared to the other methods.

    If I left anything out, someone please correct me.
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    yeah, you have s-video out, it's on the specs tab on the product information page at hp:
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