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    Three Days to Father's Day and no 2-pack!

    I don't want the "I Am Your Father's Day" Walmart 2-pack, but there are three Walmarts in my immediate area and here it is 3 days before Father's Day and they are nowhere in sight! It reminds me of the first R2/3P0 Christmas set which I never saw at Walmart.

    What is the point of these holiday exclusives if they don't get them in the stores in ample supply at least a month before the holiday?

    Collectors don't care about these rehashes. They only work if a mother is out with her child, sees them and says, "Honey, your dad loves Star Wars. Let's get him this for Father's Day." Then the dad opens it and likes it because it is from the child.

    One month from now these things are going to rot on the pegs.

    Anyone else finding these?

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    I consider that a blessing. But you're right, what's the point of a holiday exclusive if you don't get it out there in time for the holiday?
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    I was wondering about that myself. I've yet to see them at any of the local WM's, either.

    I have a sad feeling this fiasco will kill any hopes of a Jaxxon for next Easter.

    Edit: I just checked, and they're not online, either.
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    I am sort of upset with this since I really wanted to give one to my Dad since his favorite character is Darth Vader and we are both huge Star Wars fans but I have checked four different Walmarts and nothing. to top it all off none of the employees have any idea what I'm talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    to top it all off none of the employees have any idea what I'm talking about.
    You say that as if that's not ordinary WM policy.
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    I just saw these for the first time yesterday. I will get one if they hit clearance, about it, but I really dont need anymore Lukes or Vaders(especially Vaders)
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    I saw them and they are swimming in them. I smell an immediate close-out. I knew this was a stinker!!!
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    Haven't seen them in LA Walmarts over the past 2 weeks, and I was looking for Star Wars toys. If they are there, the are in a terrible place, cause if I didn't find them, the average impulse shopper mom/kids probably won't see them.

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    I am really upset with this set. I really wanted to give one to my dad and I never saw a single one in the stores. I've been to five Walmarts and nothing. Knowing my luck I find it one clearence in a month or so but it's not the same. I think the thing that really ****es me off is that they are scalpers on ebay selling this set for $25 bucks a pop.
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    I saw a lot of them at one of the Wal-Marts near where I live. I think they're crap, but it's always good to see new stuff stocked.
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