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    Luke Skywalker & Vaporator Review

    No, I don't speak Bocce. But I have played it a bunch.

    So you want to be a moisture farmer? You'll need vaporators for that. To get a vaporator you need to buy the new Luke figure.

    Check out what my thoughts on the Luke and fancy moisture collector are here:

    TVFT Reviews


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    I like the review, that being said I'll pass on this even if the vap is packaged in there. I have enough Tat Luke's as it is. VOTC is the best IMHO anyways.

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    It's good to know that i'm not that only one that thinks wave 3 Luke's head, aside from being a not so stellar sculpt, is out of proportion with the rest of the body. However, i did end up buying the figure as i really wanted to be a moisture farmer and i'll use the Luke body sans head for a custom.

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    I bought it also for the Moisture Vaparator. The Luke, I will hold onto, as someone mentioned, sticking him in a landspeeder with wind blown hair isnt a half bad idea.
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    I thought of putting this one in the speeder I have on the shelf. However, since I'd have to cut the "skirt" to getting him in it, I probably won't.

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    Great accessory, lousy figure

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    The vaporator is pretty much the only reason for buying this figure. I thought it was neat that they coul pack this large accessory and a figure all onto one card.

    The only thing positive thing I can say about the figure is I don't hate it as much as when I first saw it. But I still hate it.

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    Strange how they based this figure on the Early Bird Kit body but it's a new mold. The head is too big and isn't very good - part of that is a failure on the paint though, it looks cartoony, but there's no question that the wild hair is just too out-there.
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