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    Saga Legends already clogging the pegs.

    So every day I go to the Walmart closest to my house before work. I have NEVER seen Waves 1-3 of the 30th Anniversary Collection there. I have found figures from the first three waves at Toys R Us, Target, and other Walmarts, but not at the closest Walmart to me. So every day I think maybe I can find the figures I'm missing from the first three waves (McQuarrie Fett and Stormtrooper, another LIN droid) or maybe even get first crack at wave four.

    My Walmart has virtually no figures left, maybe two or three Jerjerrods or
    Threepio on the Ewok Throne.

    Well this morning I show up and they are stocking. I see an unopened case with the other boxes. I open it - all Saga Legends. I go to the place where the figures are and they have unloaded about five cases of the Saga Legends. They are all the first wave of Saga Legends. So now my Walmart is clogged with Vader, Darth Maul, R2, Yoda, and Clone Troopers.

    That's just great. I'll bet they just sit there forever and that particular Walmart keeps not getting the 30th Anniversary Collection.

    Why didn't they ever get any 30th Anniversary? Maybe employees are giving entire cases to scalpers or buying the whole case for themselves.

    I'm just glad I have other stores I can go to, but this is the only store I can hit every day.

    Oh well, I'm sure Hasbro would assure me that the Legends figures won't affect the stocking of the 30th Anniversary Collection.

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    the basic and Legends have 2 different upc numbers so there should be spots for both. But highly intelligent wal-mart employees will see 30AC packaging and put them wherever. The legends haven't hit my area yet so we will have to see

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    The first two waves of legends have hit, and actually it looks as though they are selling fairly well. The ROTS and AOTC clones are doing well. Legends Vader is the only one that seems to be having trouble moving at this point, likely due to the 30AC Vader being so much better with its ball-joint arms. some of my stores still have Bespin Vader. I think he and Jerjerrod will be around forever.

    Man, 30 AC is flying off the pegs.
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    My local WM also hasn't gotten in any TAC basic figures whatsoever but continues to put out TSC stuff. It's a "normal" WM as opposed to a Supercenter, and both Supercenters near me have gotten in the TAC. I wonder if for some reason they didn't bother giving the regular WMs this UPC or something? It's gotten in the Comic Packs and vehicles but no vintage or basic figures.

    I still have yet to see any Legends figures at all. The repacked figures generally sell through fairly well in my area and didn't have a pegwarming problem as they did in some areas, but I wonder how long they can keep it going.
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    The 1 case of Legends my WM got has already nearly sold through after only 4-5 days on the pegs. The Clones, Vader, Yoda, and Greivous sold quickly.

    Also, the last of Wave 1 finally sold out at that WM, with the exception of a lone Lava Miner. Kenobi, R2, and Mace all eventually sold, thank goodness!

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    At the wal mart i work at he have gotten wave one of the 30atc but nothing else other than the comic two packs. The legends run went to the wal mart about 20 minuntes down the road, though nothing grand out of the wave except for the clones which was tempting...damn vintage collection, though wal mart isnt known for speed when it comes to getting new products. Keep checking them though their modulers will be dropping at most wal marts within the month, thats when majority of the new stuff comes down the pike.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    I've barely seen any Legends here yet. I was in Springfield, MO for a week and there was a lot more there, but only ROTS clones, C-3PO with battle droid head, and R2-D2.

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    The Wal-Mart in my area has gotten a fair amount of TAC. They got about 3 cases of wave 3 and 4 cases of the legends wave. The legends sold fairly well. There are only 3 or 4 legends figures left from the legends wave. The worst suprise came Tuesday morning. I went to Wal-Mart and saw about 10 cases on the pallet of toys. I had a associate open a box and it was SAGA 2 figures. I went and looked at the other cases and all ten cases are SAGA 2. I thought they were done shipping the old line out. Needless to say that is really frustrating.

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    Only Saga 2 at my Wal-Mart and it's the only store that sells Star Wars figures within 30 miles of my house.

    I have yet to see any sign of TAC, Saga Legends (I consider that a good thing) or the vintage line.

    I guess it's online retailers for me from now on. I don't see the point of driving 30 miles out of town just to look for Star Wars figures.
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    Saga Legends seems to be flying off the shelves out here. I haven't even seen a Darth Maul yet.


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