Just thought this would be a cool thread. Not sure who's on board with the realities of space aside from the fantastic aspects of it... like Star Wars.

I was inspired to start this thread 'cos I just came in from outside after seeing the International Space Station fly over northern Ohio. The coolest thing was that trailing behind it was the space shuttle! I wasn't expecting to see the shuttle as the news reports only mentioned the ISS. Apparently you could see the Shuttle closer to the ISS on Tuesday evening. I was glad to have this opportunity since I missed it the other night.

I remember seeing Skylab at the end of June many years ago. A couple weeks after that, I was visiting my family in Japan when Skylab came down in the ocean west of Australia. That was really eventful for the young me who was, possibly starting High School that year.

Anyhow... I'd like to see this thread used for these types of events or news stories that might interest like-minded people!