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With a telescope? How clear are they when looking through one?
Nope, just bare-naked eye. What you see looks like a fast-moving star. I don't have anything optically that could get a better view of something 200 miles above me (tho I wish I did!). The Space Station is quite a bit brighter than the Shuttle. I guess size matters !

Thankfully, we have a better-than-average TV weather guy who's really into space stuff. He always lets the viewers know of events like the above. He's given us "heads-ups" on meteor showers, the occaisional comet, and even idirum flares (reflection for the solar panels of iridium communications satellites...a cheap thrill, granted, but still cool to track and watch happen).

If it weren't for the smoke, the shuttle/space station would have been easily visible in the Valley last night.