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    I completely missed it. We had overcast skies.
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    I went outside to see, but realized the time difference between Pacific and Mountain time.
    Planned on going out again for a look see, but was watching a movie and forgot.

    I'll bet that would have been cool to see. I wonder if something like that you could track with a telescope and see some details?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Did anyone else see it?
    I saw a moon that looked full. That is all.
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    OK, So Cal-ers, you get another chance to check out the ISS this evening.

    In my area (about 100 miles north of LA), it will be tracking from the southern horizon to the east northeast beginning at 8:25PM (PDT) and should be visible until 8:30. It should pretty much be the same viewing for the SD/LA/Inland Empire as well! Dust off yer eyeballs and give it a look!

    I was able to see the full five minute fly-over last night!
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    I've seen it the past 3 nights straight now. Take that California.
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    I didn't get as spectacular a view last night. We had a lot of cirrus clouds obscuring the sky but still got to see a pretty good show!

    BTW: Now that Tycho is a rock star, he's been shooting across the Ohio sky lately!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Malakite View Post
    I've seen it the past 3 nights straight now. Take that California.
    With our budget "crisis," we have three days a year where we lose access to the night sky. They call then "furhigh nights."

    Punning off furlough days... get it? Get it?
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    One mo' time!

    Once again, kiddies:

    For SSG SoCal-ers.....the International Space Station will be seen at 8:49PM (PDT) this evening; rising from the WSW and tracking to the NE. However, there's more! A few seconds behind it is the Russian re-supply ship Progress 33 chasing the ISS. So now you have two little fast-moving white dots in the sky to get excited about!

    As a bonus: for those in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, at 9:11:33PM (PDT) there will be an iridium flare about 59º above the E horizon. Iridium flares are the reflections off of a satellite's solar array. It's like someone taking a photo with a flash at the Earth from space. It's a fun challenge, because the whole process to locate the satellite, then view the flare, is only about a 10 second window.

    Have fun!
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    They're gonna let a little lightning and storms stop the space shuttle? C'mon, scientists! Isn't there a pocket protector big enough for outer-orbit cargo?
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    July 20th.

    Mark your calendars. In the meantime, check this out:
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