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    Wave 5 in Hi-Res

    For those of you who don't check our news... (shame on you if you don't):
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    I checked our news. I saw pictures of Star Wars figures.

    I hadn't thought I'd buy some like Pre-Cyborg Grievous and Yoda on the Kybuck before, but now I think I really want them.

    About the only figures I think I'm turning down are the KOTOR stuff.

    I have to say it looks pretty good, Steve!
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    On the carded pic, Yoda looks like he's in the Old West, ready for a quick draw gun slinging showdown.

    I'm getting all of them as i have this wave on preorder but might get extras of some of the figures.

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    Yoda & Kybuck would probably be a Deluxe figure in a movie year. Bubbles on the Yoda and Odle look huge. Don't want Anakin or Hammerhead, but I'll definitely get the rest. Seen all the figs in the first three waves so here's hoping my luck holds out on this one.
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    the new figures are looking good, def want to get the KOTOR figures. Anakin is the only figure that is bad in this wave. i see no reason why they had to make the Clone Wars cartoon version of Anakin into that. not to mention the picture on the card is ridiculous.
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    I'm really glad that they decided to scrap the weird-looking non-metal C-3PO they showed at CIV for this new one. I really like the card on that figure. This wave looks freakin' awesome!

    Edit - below, Daddypants mentioned customizing Anakin. I think this figure could easily be repurposed into an "I just had a nightmare" Anakin figure as I doubt Hasbro will do that one.
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    Darth Malak.... oh dear lord.

    loving Roron and Kybuck. Hermi and 3PO (salacious looks a little weird with his pose specific legs) Starkiller looks fine, Revan is a pass. Anakin, good and bad. the arms are a let down to the rest of the figure. not one I'm keen on but may pick up for customising purposes.

    and ty for the pics steve.

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    Hermie is looking better than the previous images I've seen. Still not sold on the KOTOR or Anakin figs. I'm waffling on the Starkiller hero now, and Roron Corrobb looks great!

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    Hermie looks awesome! He has a Jim Henson-esque quality about him... meaning that he looks like a character that you would have seen in those old Jim Henson movies, not that Jim Henson looks like a drooling bag of meat.

    Head-Humping Salacious Crumb just looks so wrong the way that packed him in that blister.

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    why is corrob holding a McConcept lightsaber?
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