67. Call tailor to custom fit the S&M suit for new apprentice.
68. Write a speech for the start of the Empire.
69. Rent Bill and Ted's excellent adventure and invite the boys over for drinkypoos and nachos.
70. Find REALLY reliable shredding and computer memory wipe service.
71. paint everything black and silver so it matches the original movies.
72. Two words: Banana Hammocks.
73. Take your child to work day.
74. Declare a ban on all nachos.
75. Cancel season tickets to degenerate alien operas.
76. Kick myself for not having Order 69 involve Mara Jade or some other Sith Hottie.
78. Find out who wrote the book of love
79. Tease Jek Porkins till he develops an eating disorder
80. Vote Republican
81. Make manicure appointment. Force Lightning's aim has been off lately....
82. Contact old friend Voldemort and weasel Horcrux secret out of him.
83. Find some way to reasonably get own name to fit "The Name Game" song.
84. Take the place of Charles Nelson Reilly on The Match Game.
85. Find a suitable replacement for Bob Barker.
86. Figure out why all these clone "orders" seem more like a "to-do" list.
87. Send in application for next season of Age Of Love.
88. Host American Bandstand
89. It's been a while since I ordered food and I'm gettin' a little hungry...so, send a Stormtrooper out to get me a Burrito Supreme, Nacho's Bel Grande and a large Baja Blast Mountain Dew.
90. Submit gothic plastic life-support suit idea to "American Inventor".
91. Invade Hummel System and capture key strategic figurine manufacturing centers.
92. Translate as Hors d'oeuvre # 66 (Le morte du jedi)
93. Be sure to tell Tarkin to Draft Oden 1st in the GELB(Galactic Empire League Basketball)
94. Find a girl who looks exactly like that stupid Bi**h who dumped me in High School and kill her.
95. Order TV services from Galactic Dish
96. Call Coldstone Creamery, order Vader's birthday cake.
97. Get Jabba the hutt's recipe for spice cake
98. Get tickets to Spice Girls reunion tour show
99. At show, see if Mel B. "Scary" Spice is interested in becoming a Sith apprentice
100. Send Private Ozzel out for some wrinkle cream. This Dark Side stuff is doing a real number on my face.
101. Determine if wrinkle cream is sufficient for "other uses".
102. Record a song with P. Diddy
103. Buy War Bonds
104. Check if Sith Holocrons are compatible with the Wii.
105. Transfer all key files to new iPhone (with "Bad to the Bone" ringtone).
106. Have Mas Ameeda give me a tongue bath
107. Randomly insert "1138" around the Empire's territory and property
108. Hire a maid to clean the office
109. Repeal Order 74.
110. Big order of nachos.
111. Movie Night
112. Hire a secretary to take dictation, my hand is cramping
113. Fart in Vader's general direction.
114. Add "Iron Giant" to Netflix queue
115. Rub Sly Moores bald head
116. Go ronto scaring with swoop gang Mustafar's Angels
117. Celebrate Canada Day with Mabs and JJ.
118. Bullseye Whomp Rats with a T-16
119. Pick up some power converters in Toschi Station