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Thread: Canada Day

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    Went off without a hitch!!
    We strode uptown for a couple hours in the PM, went to a relatively classy brewpub and had some good pints and food. ALMOST got the opportunity to beat the stuffings out of some stupid Lanny who was being VERY obnoxious, he was trying to drunkenly talk to us and I tired of him right away and told him so. He decided to get pushy and at the same time falsely apologetic, and made the SERIOUS mistake of actually putting his hand on my shoulder. One of the bartenders (both of whom were instantly aware that this guy was looking for trouble and had been watching nervously) saw this out of the corner of his eye and shot in worried glance at that juncture, but I just tensed up and said "do NOT touch me- 2 rules, no touching me, NO bugging me"

    He started muttering threats and I just kepy lookin away from him at Elf (who was also basically sitting there waiting for the guy to TRULY ask for it)

    I was thinking it was prety much gonna end real badly for the guy when he slams his empty glass down and demands "another" Molson Canadian (which is funny since they only serve their own house-made beer and local microbrews) when the dude bartender suggested he leave. The guy argued his drunken case for a sec then decided to give us one more shot of surly by asking "what's the best way out of this F-ing town". The Bartender suggested a bus, but the guy replied "I don't need no F-ing bus"

    He left without incident, which was too bad but at least no-body got in any legal trouble, tho since the place is owned by my friend and everyone who was witness knew the guy was barking up the wrong tree, I think I probably wouldn't have had any worries if we took the idiot outside.

    Iso & Baws
    Oyes, a classic Canada Day
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo1138 View Post
    Just for sh*ts and giggles, I looked him up on wikipedia and found quite the contrary to be true:
    The bolding is mine, since that line is absolutely hilarious.
    perhaps not.,00.html

    Also apologies for this side conversation. Hope you Canadian boys had a great day. Though i don't approve of the over indulgence in alcomaholic beverages personally I can allow for specific celebratory occasions. provided one cleans up the vomit after oneself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mabudonicus View Post
    Oyes, a classic Canada Day
    Jeff Finger agrees with you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jargopants
    He always was a snappy dresser. Thanks for sharing that link, though. I had never heard rumblings suggesting that about him.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Oh Jargo, there was no vomitus or extreme overindulgence-we DID drink plenty of beer, but at the correct pace so as to wind out the evening drinking water and hanging out on the porch listening to the fireworks going off all over the place- there was this one display that sounded like hell on earth, me and my buddy literaly just looked at each other with expressions of delighted disbelief for much of the last bit of the display.

    Thanks for the good wishes tho, everyone

    Mabu-Con might be a LITTLE different story
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Happy Canada Day!

    To all you North of the Border SSG Canuckleheads that we all know and love: have a great day and celebrate safely!


    The LeBourveau side of me (my mom's side of the family) gets all tingly this time of year! Must be the French Canadian in me!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Had no idea what Canada Day was till I looked it up.
    Used to be called Dominion Day, for the unification of all of Canada's provinces.

    Anyways, happy aforementioned.
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    Canadians have their own day now? Jeez!
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    I think we should lobby the Federal Government to make it a paid holiday in the US.

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    But every day is Canada Day! They're the neighbors of the planetary superpower for gods' sake. It's like living on the slope of Mount Olympus.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    Ahh thank you for thinking of us!!

    A pretty quiet day up here in Canada, at least where we're at- I would think people would be surprised to know that we walked around downtown for roughly a whole hour on a fruitless quest to find a bar that was both open and not the worst dive in town. We gave up and went back to said dive (Mikado for those who know) and had a consolation beer then headed back here for some wholesales, waiting to see who might drop by to hang with us in the later PM
    As for the Mount Olympus thing, my comments to that would drag this sucker somewhere I'd rather it didn't end up More like living next to the worlds biggest Wal Mart
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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