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Yep, Canadians are the only group to measure the length of drives in the number of beers one can drink on the way. "How far is it?" "Oh, 4 or 5 beers."
That's freakin' classic, sir. Spoken like a true Canadian!

I myself despise Bud Light. I think it is absolutely tasteless and always seems flat. I will drink Miller Lite on occasion, but only because that's the only type of beer Mrs. Solo can tolerate. I'm a true Molson Canadian fan through and through. I'm a huge fan of Hobgoblin, but that stuff's imported from Jargo's neck of the woods and can be pricey (~$12 USD/6pack). Luckily, living in Michigan affords me the luxury of two of the best microbreweries in the nation: Bells and The Michigan Beer Company, which both turn out top shelf suds at reasonable prices (~$8-$9 USD/6pack).